Spending quality time with your boo is not easy to do during quarantine. Sure, we might be sheltering in place together, but being forcefully stuck at home with one another for so long can turn your sweetie into a total nightmare.

It’s natural to need a little space—we’re only human, after all, and our patience has a certain limit. One that line is crossed, small things like dirty dishes or a half-drank carton of OJ can become downright maddening, boiling your blood until you’re at the brink of explosion. Then you find yourself in a silly fight over something that’s really NBD, and if you’re dating a diva, you can count on some flashy theatrics to follow along.

What about those dirty dishes? Oh, you mean these ones smashed on the floor?

Chill, babes! Take a step back; don’t let this crazy COVID crisis get in between you and your partner. All you need is a little quality time to remind each other of all those butterflies—and if you’ve been struggling to come up with date ideas in the middle of all this madness, we’re here to help!

Check out this cheeky list of three games you two can play for an at-home date night that keeps the spark alive.

Give and Take Drinking Game

How about an adult spin on a childhood classic—and getting a little buzz on while you’re at it? We love this game in particular because it’s super simple, requiring nothing more than your drink of choice and a deck of playing cards. Here’s how you set it up:

  • Choose you or boo to be the dealer
  • The dealer shuffles the cards and passes out 4 face-up cards to each player (yes, you can play with friends if you want to invite others to get in on the fun!)
  • Using the remaining cards, the dealer makes two separate rows of 6 face-down cards
  • One row represents the “Truth” command while the other one represents “Dare”
  • The card placement indicates the number of drinks (the 1st card is 2 seconds, the 2nd is 4 seconds, the 3rd is 6 seconds…)

Now, each of you take turns flipping the cards over; if you have a number that matches, you need to either perform a truth or dare selected by your partner based on the respective column, or pass and drink for the appropriate number of seconds instead!

It’s a great way to get loose, learn more about each other, and play around with silly dares. But you could also dial up the intensity by daring your partner to kiss you here or touch you there…

Sound more your speed? Then you should also pick up the old-school game of Twister for some tangled body exploration.

Murder Mystery Games

Another activity for a date night at home is a riveting murder mystery puzzle! The two of you will be at the edge of your seat in suspense as you study the case and search for clues to hunt down the killer.

We love this game because it allows you to get your inner detective work on, but it also promotes collaboration and teamwork—two key pillars in any successful relationship. By working together and solving the case, the two of you might get steamier than a scene right out of out of CSI: Miami!

Enjoy yourselves? Good news: there are tons of free puzzles you can download online so you can open new cases all the time. You can also purchase a murder mystery box kit and host a who-done-it dinner party complete with a theme and decorated with crime scene tape (because who doesn’t love a good themed party, right?!).

Heads Up Game

If you’re the arts and craftsy type, then print out some small cards with that have various dating lingo written on them such as “First Dance”, “Seduce”, or “Soulmate”. Next, whip up some DIY headband holders that each of you will wear to position the card across your forehead—but you can’t see what it says!

Your partner has to give clues and get you to guess what the term is. There’s no real winner or loser on 1-1 playing, but the game of Heads Up is also very fun with friends and you can choose any category of terms so that it’s universally appropriate.

What do you and your partner do for fun on date nights at home? Give us some ideas in the comments below.