Apart from the constant ongoing discussion on how COVID-19 is going to affect all areas of business, one of the most debated questions is how this pandemic will affect the tourism industry. While some agree that tourism will suffer but not too much, others think that tourism will definitely have its lows in certain areas of the world. Since this is a question without a clear answer yet, why not take the time and think about alternative vacation plans; just to recharge our batteries after being self-isolated for such a long time. Not only is this thought process quite therapeutic in this case, but it’s also something that you can do now to prepare for a nice trip that’s ahead of you:

1. Be a tourist in your own country

It is still not very clear whether we will be able to travel abroad this year and to what extent, so it’s always good to focus on local options. They say that the grass is greener on the other side, so this is our time to prove them wrong and actually experience some of the magic that foreigners experience when they come to your country. You’ll find some magnificent things. For example, if you’re in California, you can arrange a party bus from Oildale and have one of the best party trips ever!

2. Opt for a road trip

Another option to have in mind is a road trip, and once again, this can also be done in your own country. This is an even better option since you will be able to visit more than one place and thus kill more local birds with only one stone. As far as road trips are concerned, be sure to check your car before you head off. Check your brakes, your liquids and most importantly, your tyres. Opting for 4WD tyres is perhaps the best option, especially if you live in countries such as Australia, where the terrain can be quite varied and when you don’t usually know where you will end up. Road trips are always so much fun, and we do really need to just sit in the car and drive around for some time.

3. Book everything last minute

Contrary to what we have been doing so far, it’s crucial that you wait until the very last moment in case you want to book something abroad. Why? Because we are still not sure when and where we will all be able to travel, and also if things are going to change in the future. You do not want to spend a fortune on a trip now and just figure out that you will have to cancel it yet again. So, take your time as you shouldn’t be rushing with decisions right now.

4. Back to basics

Perhaps you’re terrified of insects, and perhaps camping is not your forte, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try it out at least once in your lifetime. Bearing this situation in mind, isn’t this year the best time to do it? Your country probably has a plethora of camping options and opportunities and apart from that, you can always try glamping – a more luxurious form of camping that you will definitely adore.

5. Visit the capital

Finally, if you’re from a city or a town that’s not the capital of your country, why not book an apartment or a hotel room and visit it for a change? You have probably never experienced your own capital in a tourist sense, so this just might be what you need. If you’re a travel blogger all the more reason to do it, as you will not only have extra content, but you will be able to back up all of your opinions by stating that, yes, you have been a tourist in your own country as well.


Even though most of these plans relate to traveling locally, perhaps we can wait a bit more to actually see if we will be able to travel someplace abroad. Until then, why not have your own country in mind, at least for one year? It could be rather interesting and fun.