A wedding – no matter whether it’s a gay or a straight bash – is one of the most fabulous events in the happy couple’s life. However, what’s specific about a gay wedding (and pretty much any gay wedding) is that there will always be more bedazzle and less conventional ideas featured in a gay celebration (and probably more men as guests). After the proposal has taken place, a gay bachelor party is in order, right? Now that’s going to be absolutely spectacular – especially if you’ve got a range of ideas you want to exercise for this big festivity.

However, if you’re not feeling that inspired, follow the ideas below that will surely help you think of something wonderful for the bachelor party.

Get the cocktails going

A classical and mostly tame party idea is to go bar-hopping to try out different cocktails at each spot. It’s also possible to get creative with cocktails and include party games as well. Why not mix together a bit of fun with light alcoholic drinks? By the end of the night, you, the groom-to-be and your other stags will be feeling great.

Costume-themed party

Masquerades are an amazing idea for a bachelor party since such events give you the opportunity to dress up and enjoy the night. Remember though that dressing up the same way as the others is a big no-no, especially if you want the future husband to stand out. And it’s not just that; it’s a textbook gay fashion codex: don’t commit such a fashion suicide by showing up in the same outfit as the next person, no matter how gorgeous (or trendy) the outfit is!

If dressing up the same way as others is inevitable, it is better to have a theme that will help create a more intense party experience. Here is an idea that might give you a good start: how about wearing goth-style costumes? The style of these gatherings is marked by the use of gloomy hues and the wearing of black gothic clothes, but this would also be the ideal chance to make the couples stand out by donning white gothic attire.

Hit the road

In some cases, the available venues at your place might be the dullest around. After all, a bachelor party is supposed to be unforgettable and mesmerizing. Gather the stags, pack up the soon-to-be-groom and go on a road trip. You are not going to force a Hangover on your squad but you may end up at a Katy Perry concert, you never know (ok, even we laughed at this cliché!). Visit some of the more dazzling spots, and you’ll have a blast! If they’re serving good drinks, that’s a great opportunity to try out different flavors and enjoy all that the place is offering. The more events you squeeze in, the better the chances are that you’ll be part of a bachelor party that will be remembered for ages to come.

Organize a dinner

Nobody would turn down a great dinner invitation, right? Since everyone likes a good meal, preparing a gourmet dinner may be a perfect way to introduce the bachelor into married life. Give it a theme, and you can recreate the happy couple’s favorite scene from a movie, book, or even their first dinner. Either way, it’s generally a good idea to rent a restaurant, too – where you’ll be pampered all the way… and won’t end up washing the dishes after.

Go for a round of golf

Believe it or not, playing golf at a bachelor party is an exceptional idea. Since you want the soon-to-be-groom to have fun, you can go wild with your golfing ideas and do whatever weird thing comes to your mind. Take your pick from some of the best golf courses in Sydney and make it a night event with special rules that’ll help you take things from “plain” to “exceptional”!

Custom Gifts

Looking to add another element to your party? Try giving memorable gay lapel pins custom to friends who come to your party. The craze for gay lapel pins custom as a small accessory is back in vogue. Create any pattern inspired by the LGBT flag you want and express yourself as the most fashionable and proud decoration. The possibility of customizing accessories is unlimited. Gift a set of custom lapel pins to your gay bachelor party!

Dance the night away

If there’s one thing the gay population is known for, it’s dancing and having the best parties ever! This is exactly why the next bachelor party should be in a club where you can all dance to your heart’s content. Turn up the heat by playing Latin songs, and everyone will be feeling the beat. Don’t forget to include exotic drinks to complete the feeling.