Love life feeling a little lackluster? Don’t let monotony put a damper on monogamy. You need to get your relationship out of a rut before the spark sizzles and eyes start to wander. Some people worry that monogamy doesn’t exist anymore—that we get too bored and distracted in our distracted world to commit ourselves to one partner—but that’s just not true. It’s not that we get boring, the relationship gets boring because you do the same old thing day after day.

We’re all about supporting free love, but if you want to lock your boo down, here are seven silly, sexy, and even soulful activities you can do together to light that flame back on fire.

Go on a Scavenger Hunt

If you and your partner are the adventurous type, then this is a super fun game you can play that’ll take you all across town. Step into a pair of women’s hiking shoes or studded men’s boots, embark on a geocaching journey, and snap an Insta-worthy polaroid at the top of the climb that you can treasure forever.

Or, get creative with it and create your own scavenger hunt with clues that lead to shared memories of the past: your first kiss, your favorite restaurant, the place you met, and so forth! Hearts will melt as you revisit all these special places.

Start a Book Club

Maybe you and boo are more of the introverted type, in which case you could consider starting up a book club! Whether you make it a social activity and invite other friends to join is totally up to you, but there are many books about queer love with important lessons that you can discuss and connect with over a glass of wine (or three!) once a week.

Plan a Vacation

Travel restrictions may be in place at the moment, but get your daydream on and starting making vacation plans for after COVID-19. There’s no better way to fall back in love than set against the gorgeous backdrop of an exotic country or tropical island. Get lost traveling a new town and feel found in each other’s arms!

A vacation will give you both something to look forward to and get excited about—and you don’t need to break the bank jet-setting across the world. Be a tourist in your own country and take a road trip to a state you’ve never visited; you’ll have no shortage of bonding time in the car!

Visit a Sex Store

Turn the heat up a notch and embrace your queerness with sex toys. By taking a trip to a sex shop, you two can each pick out a few playful items that you can use to explore one another on an entirely deeper level. Everyone has their unique preferences, and hey, maybe you haven’t even discovered yours yet! Keep an open mind and go with what feels right.

Make Body Art

Another way you can be intimate with the one you love is by laying out a canvas and making an abstract work of art using your bodies to push the paint around! You can find complete body art kits that include everything you need to make your own masterpiece, such as:

  • Painter tarps to protect the floors
  • A big, cotton canvas
  • All-natural, non-toxic paint
  • Disposable slippers to walk to the shower
  • A soft body scrubber to clean each other off when the work is done!

Hang your art above your bed for a daily reminder of the beautiful love you two share.

Create a Healthier Lifestyle

Recommit to each other by committing to a healthier lifestyle! Joint accountability and accomplishment will strengthen the bond between you as you become the best versions of yourself! Whether you take up acro-yoga for a fun and playful way to stay fit, or you subscribe to a meal kit and start cooking healthy recipes together in the kitchen, you’ll feel fulfilled in more ways than one.

Search Each Other’s Soul

Last on our list of ideas is to simply sit down, stare at the stars, and have a conversation that makes you become fully self-aware and self-conscious. Share each other’s vulnerabilities, fears, dreams, aspirations, and what makes you you.

All of these activities will help you and your partner profoundly appreciate one another.