There are no shortage of kinks, and wearing chastity cages is one of them. Chastity cages are devices men wear to prevent them from engaging in intimacy for a period of time.

They come in mostly plastic materials. A chastity cage has a lock and a key. You may wonder, why would anyone want to prevent themselves from intimacy by using chastity cages?  This article discusses some reasons why more people are trying out chastity cages. 

Why More People Are Trying Out Chastity Cages

As already stated, the majority of people using chastity products are men. Sometimes, it’s husbands or boyfriends who lock their partners in chastity cages. Here are a few reasons why these people are trying it out: 

To Prevent Masturbation

Some partners complain that their spouse masturbate too much. The frequency can reduce their overall sex drive or limit their ability to perform. Consequently, their spouse buys a chastity cage and lock up their men’s penis. Their partner keeps the key of course. When the cage comes off, the men are usually much more ready for action. Pleasure from intimacy is tripled. 

To Fulfill Fantasies

Another reason why many are trying out chastity cages is to fulfill their individual fantasies. Every couple you meet has their own fantasies. But many don’t go ahead to fulfill them. With the invention of chastity cages, more couples have the opportunity to play out their dreams. Other than the increase in pleasure that chastity cages provide, they allow both partners to watch themselves starve of intimacy for long periods. Partners can play out their stories and fun games while teasing each other. 

An Escape From Gender Expectations

There are norms that guide everyone’s actions in society. In relationships, men are expected, as men, to initiate intimacy and see it through. Some men have found chastity cages as an escape from these gender expectations. A man who’s locked up in a chastity cage simply displays the cage as a way out of the norm. Usually, the person under lock doesn’t have the key. It is easier to avoid the commitment of intimacy this way as a man. The man relinquishes control over him to escape from using his genitals. 

An Opportunity To Explore 

For still more people, they’re trying out chastity cages to explore the edges and borders of kinks. They simply are curious about the kink and want to experiment. Chastity cages are now popular but they remain taboo in many places. Some men are driven by curiosity while on porn sites. For them it is one more exciting device associated with intimacy. 

For Abstinence And More Pleasure 

Some men would like to try abstinence for periods of time. Some guys would also like their men to abstain for a given period of time. The end result is that this increases pleasure gotten from other types of intimacy. For example, a man that’s been locked by his boyfriend can focus on non-penetrative intimacy. This is said to be more pleasurable than penetration. Intimacy is no longer reduced to a few minutes of coitus. It leads to more creativity in the bedroom. The longer he is locked, the more fired he is, the more ways to pleasure his wife or partner he finds. 

It Encourages Trust In Relationship

For still some other couples, they are trying chastity cages as a means to build trust. One partner holds the key to the cage, and the one wearing the cage has to learn to trust the other. It isn’t about intimacy alone for them, it is about the relationship as a whole. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the interest goes deeper than sex. Those trying out chastity cages are doing so to derive deeper connection with their partners. They’d like to see a shift in societal expectations of men.