Feeling secure enough in your healthy, mutually-fulfilling relationship means initiating conversations about important topics like sex. Making sex even better than it already is involves a few simple things. The first one is an open mind. The second is a willingness to explore options beyond the realm of what you already know and have tried with the love of your life.

Sex toys can be a powerful stimulus for positive change. If you’ve never tried them with a partner before, you’ve missed on lots of fun and pleasure. Sex toys also have the power to get you communicating and sharing on a much deeper level than ever before.

A Focus on Deeper Communication

Have you gotten an interest in sex toy use that you don’t know how to bring up to your partner? You’re not alone! Studies suggest that many people who actually own sex toys hide this fact from their significant others because of worries and fears about poor acceptance.

There’s nothing wrong with sex toy use and if you want it, speak up about it! Your relationship can only benefit from the conversation and research suggests that sex toys have a positive impact in the vast majority of cases.

One easy way to approach the subject is to ask your partner about their preferences and fantasies. If they open up, you’ll find something new about them and potentially, you’ll get a good reason to bring up sex toys.

Sex toy use is already high in the LGBTQ community, especially when compared to ownership among hetero couples. Hence, your partner is probably curious already but they also don’t know how to discuss the option.

Consent and a thorough discussion are both going to be very important. Focus on the toys you’re interested in and the sexual activities you’d like to try. Listen to what your partner has to say, especially if they’re dealing with some insecurities. Opening up in such a way will up the intimacy, strengthen trust and get you eagerly anticipating the arrival of your brand new sexy accessories.

More Passion, Better Sex

That’s an obvious advantage but one that’s so important, it needs to be mentioned separately.

Even if your sex is really good right now, it can become even better.

Sex toys will help you achieve the goal.

You can explore so many choices – a pegging dildo toy, strapless strap-ons, vibes, anal toys and sex toys for couples. All of them are meant to add intensity and variety to your sex routine. Some sex toys can even help you discover erogenous zone and facets of pleasure you’ve been unfamiliar with your whole life.

The right sex toy can also increase variety. Innovative products have lots of settings and features. They never get boring and they can be incorporated in sex routines in various ways. Sex can get repetitive after being with someone for a longer period of time. A vibe or a couple’s toy will deliver something new, fresh and exciting.

Good Boundaries, Respect for Each Other’s Preferences

Talking about sex toys and using them helps you establish healthy boundaries while respecting each other’s preferences.

Boundaries can be difficult to establish, especially if you’re worried about losing your partner. At the same time, they’re vital to keep things from spiraling into toxic territory.

Discussing sex toys, buying them and using them together allows you to enforce intimacy, communication and sexual boundaries. All three of those play a role in maintaining a healthy and strong relationship in the years to come.

At the same time, boundary enforcement happens in the context of learning more about a partner’s preferences and desires. These two dynamic components of intimacy have to be properly aligned for everyone to feel satisfied in the relationship. Finding the balance can be difficult but if you accomplish the goal, you’ll get to enjoy immense harmony.

Something New and Exciting to Look Forward to

Trying sex toys in your relationship for the first time is going to be nerve-wracking but once you get over the initial anxiety, you’ll open the gates to a whole new world of pleasure.

That very first sex toy is an experiment. You don’t know if it will perform as well as marketing claims. You don’t know if you and your partner are going to enjoy the experience.

If you do, however, you’ll probably be eager and impatient to get another sex toy and another.

You can view sex toy acquisition as a long-term opportunity to add freshness and excitement to your relationship.

There will always be something sexy and new to look forward to. Building a collection together is going to connect the two of you and continue the conversation about good sex. In this way, sex toys lead to higher levels of relationship satisfaction, especially when this happiness is compared to what people who don’t own sex toys enjoy.

Making Long-Distance Relationships Work

Here’s one specific benefit of sex toys that is still worth mentioning because of the profound way it can impact relationships.

Long-distance relationships are so challenging. Many don’t survive because of all the issues and complications.

The inability to get intimate with a partner is a major contributor to the issues that increase the difficulty of being in a long-distance relationship. Luckily, sex toys can be used to resolve the problem.

Interactive sex toys can be controlled from a distance. They’re amazing for partnered sessions when you’re not physically in the same place. Some toys can even be synced with each other, giving you a good idea about what your partner is experiencing.

Sex toys will help you feel stronger and more confident in your relationship if you approach the opportunity in the right way. For that to happen, a focus on openness and communication will be imperative. Don’t shy away from the opportunity, especially if you’re worried about your partner’s response. The only way to find out what they think involves bringing up the subject. Once you do, you’ll probably be surprised by just how positive and enthusiastic they’re going to be about the whole endeavor.