Self-awareness is something many people definitely lack, and unfortunately, there are too many pieces of advice that focus on wrong things especially in the gay community. Even though these tips can be beneficial, they’re rarely effective, simply since they focus on very superficial stuff. Things like “just breathe”, “do what makes you happy” and “live, laugh, love” can surely be helpful (and make a nice wall art), but they won’t make you become self-conscious in things that matter the most. For that reason, here are some tips that will help you develop your self-awareness and become more self-conscious:

1. Acknowledge your flaws

A lot of people have behavioral issues simply because they’re reluctant to acknowledge their flaws. If you tend to interrupt others while they speak, that can be a quite annoying trait others know you buy, so make sure to become aware of that, and then to control it. Also, having a negative outlook on life regardless of the circumstances can make things seem much worse than they actually are. Some other flaws such as being demotivated, criticizing and having issues with delaying gratifications can also diminish your success in life, so make sure to observe the way you act so you’ll be able to fix the flaws. In case you find this too difficult, you can always ask those you deeply love and trust such as your partner, as they’ll probably be less shy to tell you the truth. Just remember not to get offended once you hear what they have to say, instead take some time to process and reflect on what you’ve just heard.

2. Consider getting therapy

Back in the day, going to therapy was considered a taboo that was hidden under wraps. Thankfully, things are much more different nowadays, so if you feel like taking care of your mental health requires additional help, feel free to consult a therapist that will be able to help you assess your emotions and past traumas, so you’ll be able to focus on the future. Remember that therapy isn’t something to be ashamed of, instead treat it as an investment and a gift to your future self, because that’s what it really is. Furthermore, it’s important to mention that your first therapist doesn’t necessarily have to be the one you opt for, because sometimes finding the right person you’ll click with takes time. Make sure to try various therapists until you find someone you’re fully comfortable with, as there’s nothing worse than confessing your most intimate secrets and thoughts to someone who doesn’t seem interested or suitable for you. 

3. Work on your appearance

Self-awareness requires mental strength and taking care of your looks might seem like a polar opposite, but in fact, these two might be connected more than you think. The way you see yourself in the mirror can have a huge impact on your confidence and how you carry yourself in the presence of others. Working out and making your body look toned can surely have an effect on how you walk and present yourself while you’re out in the open. Similarly, fixing your physical flaws isn’t a taboo anymore, just make sure to be honest about it, because these things are sometimes so obvious, that lying about it will make you look more insecure. In some countries, such as Australia, people have widely embraced the surgical improvements, so consulting a clinic that does rhinoplasty in Sydney isn’t a big deal anymore. This can be especially important if you’re struggling with flaws that are very visible to strangers that don’t know anything about you — just make sure to know your limit when it comes to plastic surgery since some people like to take it a bit to far in hope that it’ll make them happier.

4. Embrace mindful lifestyle

Being kind, gentle, considerate of others and empathetic can help you become a better person and create a lot of valuable friendships, but in order to achieve that, first, you need to go through a self-growth journey. Hence, embracing mindful activities such as meditation, yoga, exercises and eating well can have a great effect on the way you see yourself and treat others. Try to exercise self-control in all aspects of life, as that will help you know your limits and make better decisions. All of these will be multi-beneficial to your well-being, so feel free to experiment as that can be a great way to get to know yourself properly. 


Self-awareness and self-consciousness isn’t something that you should push on yourself, as it will likely backfire. Instead, make sure to get your life in order and work on being a better person to yourself and others, and everything else will fall into place.