Everyone deserves a partner who will love them and show them compassion. However, relationships these days come with many problems which can affect one mentally and emotionally. 

Although there are no ideal relationships, you can have a healthy relationship with someone who cares about your wellbeing. This article will discuss the vital components for those who want a healthy relationship. 


A relationship that is void of respect will hit the rocks quickly. Respect is very important because it shows you care about your partner and their wishes. When you respect your partner’s perspective and choices, this makes them feel loved and wanted. You don’t have to agree with all that your partner does or her opinions, but never disparage them. Give due respect to your partner to make your relationship stronger and keep the bond.


Trust is crucial for anybody who wants to be in a relationship. If you don’t trust your lover, you shouldn’t be in any relationship. If you are in a healthy union, you will need to put some trust in your partner, never doubt their actions, and always believe in them. Whenever there are issues between both of you, take her word for it and never question her commitment. Nobody is a Saint, but by trusting your partner, you are showing you love them and want the relationship to last.


Communication is a vital aspect of a healthy relationship. When there is honest communication between your partner and you, 50% of your problems are resolved. When speaking with your partner, speak without fear and show empathy. When there is a need to scold your partner, do so without being aggressive. Also, always try to compliment your partner whether they deserve it or not. Expressive positive feelings towards your partner help facilitate a healthy relationship.

Show Support

Everybody has their vulnerable period where they need someone who will be by their side. Even men who may seem physically and emotionally capable need support from their partners. It doesn’t have to be financial support, as no money can solve it. Just being there for them physically is all they need.

When you have the back of your partner, it makes them feel loved. A supportive partner isn’t selfish and tends to encourage their partner to chase their goals outside the relationship.


Intimacy should never be underrated when it comes to a relationship. Many people link intimacy with sex, however, they are very different. When it comes to intimacy, it includes emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical aspects. True intimacy encourages people to release themselves to their partner physically and emotionally without problems. Satisfying your partner makes for better understanding and bonding in the relationship.

Being open with your partner is paramount. Sex expert and owner of Peachy BDSM Amy Wilson says that complete openness including about your sexual needs can help build trust and give each other an opportunity to be supportive in a time of personal vulnerability. 


Knowing boundaries not to cross in a relationship is very important if you want a blissful union. It’s important to set a boundary with your partner so as not to offend your partner. Irrespective of what you want in your relationship, discuss it with your partner to avoid any problems.


When it comes to a healthy relationship, being faithful is very important. You need to make sure you remain faithful to your partner. With faithfulness, you show your partner that they are the only person in your life.  Everyone wants a faithful partner who doesn’t cheat and who will be with them through all scenarios. 


A Healthy relationship is what everyone seeks to have peace of mind. There are major components that facilitate a healthy relationship which have been enumerated above. When these components are upheld, relationships become pleasant. To become more comfortable in a relationship, individuals should ensure that these vital components are adhered to.