The 21st-century form of dating is no longer what it used to be – whether you’re bisexual, straight, or gay. For instance, more gay relationships are kicking off on the right note with the help of crossdresser dating sites by Emma. This makes meeting others easier as you can test out a potential partner without having to meet them face-to-face first.

Flirting online as a gay person can be fun and exciting, but only if you do it right. Therefore, if you are new to the gay scene, these tips should be of immense help:

Go through their profile

One of the best ways to break the ice on a gay dating website is by checking out the profile of your potential partner.

Most gays looking for love online have up-to-date information on their profiles. They fill up every box with excellent pieces of information you can use to start a conversation.

Initiate conversation

It is usually an uphill task to kick off conversations with the opposite sex. The primary reason is that conversing with a stranger is not always natural or fluid.

However, since you have a target of interest, you can text a simple “Hello” and see the response you get from your potential gay partner. Taking the initiative helps to get things going.

Suppose you also share a particular interest in movies, sports, or any other extra-curricular activity. In that case, it could be the foundation for your conversation. This works remarkably well even if you want to date a man half your age.

Maintain a playful and cheerful atmosphere

Entering into serious conversations during the initial stages of meeting someone you like online can be a turn-off. Therefore, try keeping the conversation cheerful and simple.

Engage in humorous conversation. Tease your potential partner from time to time. For instance, if he wants to know what you’re doing presently, tell or answer with words like “I’m about to have my bath. Planning to meet up with my guys later on.” This has the potential of initiating additional questions that will keep the conversation going.

Ask to know their pronouns

When you meet someone new online, a part of your initial conversation should include asking what pronouns they use. Even if you yourself use the more traditional pronouns, such as “him,” “he,” “her,” and “she”, that doesn’t mean your potential partner uses them as well.

If your love interest is somewhat confused by the question, seize the moment to teach and explain what your own pronouns are. Never assume anyone’s pronouns based primarily on gender presentations such as haircuts, makeup or no makeup, clothing, etc.

Use humor

Using humor while flirting online can be challenging, especially if you’re chatting via text. But it is an excellent – and universal – ice-breaker.

Therefore, use humor to ease tension and make your interest feel more comfortable chatting with you. You don’t have to get a Harvard degree in Comedy. Make funny observations about yourself and where you are, and go from there.

Always write properly and correctly

One of the most common online dating disasters you should avoid is writing unreadable sentences full of misspellings.

Since you’re flirting online and haven’t met the other person physically, whatever you say will get screened by them. This could either deter or attract them, depending on how well-spoken you are.

Meeting and flirting with a potential gay partner online is not an excuse to make errors when chatting. Showcase your intellectual side by writing excellent sentences devoid of spelling and grammatical mistakes.

However, depending on your potential gay partner’s fluency, you can bend this tip a little, especially if you don’t share the same native tongue. You need to be careful not to accidentally come off as a show-off.


Online gay flirting is pretty much the same as any other type of flirting. However, you must ensure you and your potential partner are on the same page and share the same interests before delving deeper.

Hopefully, since you are on the same dating site, you already have first-hand information when you check out his profile.

These tips about flirting online as a gay person will help catch your love interest’s attention. You can take things from there and see how the relationship progresses.