Finding love in the 21st century seems more challenging than ever before. One would believe that technology and dating apps would make meeting new people smoother and make finding love more enjoyable. However, the more we progress with technology, the bigger challenges we face in the dating world. Even if you stick to the good old-fashioned meeting at the bar or through mutual connections, you risk meeting another person looking for a quick hookup. That’s what the world of cisgender people looks like. Finding love as a trans woman gets an extra kick and may seem even more terrifying. However, we’re here to tell you that you should not fear stepping inside the dating world, but try finding love whilst looking after yourself and staying cautious. Here’s how. 

Meet up in public

When you try to meet potential partners, there’s always a risk of rejection and judgement. Some people are even ready to go further and attack you just for being who you are. So, to ensure you’re 100% safe on your first date, set it p at a café, pub, or a restaurant. A park, ice rink, or any other public place with many people around will be a good and safe choice for your first date. It will give you enough time to see whether your potential partner’s intentions are true for you to set up another date. 

Be honest but not too soon

If your partner doesn’t know in advance about your gender, you should let them know on time. Don’t rush into it and say it before properly introducing yourself. However, don’t wait too long, either. You can test the waters by starting a conversation regarding transgender people and see how the person you’re with feels about it. You should only tell them about being transgender if you see that the relationship is moving in the right direction and that you’re safe with them knowing about it. Many people are full of prejudice and can judge you quickly, so be honest about your gender only when you’re certain that they will understand and accept it. 

Dating apps can help

When you’re having trouble meeting people in the real world, a virtual one can be of great assistance. Dating apps and a companionship dating website for mature adults are some of the best places for transgender people to meet the love of their life. Whether you’re in your 20s or 60s, finding love can be equally challenging. Even more so, when you’re a transgender woman looking for her perfect match. Set up your dating profile so that it reflects you entirely. You can also note that you’re transgender if you want to weed out the unwanted candidates. It will give them the info straight from the beginning and prevent you from having an unpleasant experience. 

Do an online background check

Have you ever thought about finding out more about a person without asking them? While in a relationship that qualifies as going behind their back, it’s entirely legitimate to check on them online before you commit. If you’ve been chatting for a few weeks on the dating app and you plan to meet up, check out all the social media networks for their profile. Browse through photos they’ve posted, the ones they’ve been tagged in, people they follow, the ones who follow them, if they’ve made any snarky comments about other women, etc. Don’t judge them solely based on their online presence, but keep it in the back of your head as leverage when you get to meet them. Potentially, you can spot red flags that will save you from possible embarrassment or assault too.

Embrace yourself and look fierce

Looking your best should never be compromised. You’re a beautiful woman, and you should own it every day. That’s especially true when you’re trying to find love and look fabulous. When getting ready for a date, consider getting hair extensions to make those locks even more luscious than before. Don’t be afraid to glam up with a sexy wardrobe and accessories that will help you shine during the day and evening. 

Prepare yourself for rejection

While meeting new people is always thrilling, it’s not always sunshine and rainbows. Get ready for rejections too, and handle them with dignity. Once you finally come forward with your gender, some people could feel like they want to hurt you physically or insult you. If you decide to come clean about being transgender via an online message, prepare yourself for acceptance and rejection. Don’t take it too personally because some people are still unaware that we’re all human and beautiful regardless of gender. Keep your head high, and don’t lose hope.

Final thoughts

If you’re a transgender woman trying to find love, we applaud you for not giving up and pursuing happiness. You need to know that finding love isn’t always the easiest task. For some people, it magically happens without them even looking for it. For others, it may take a bit more effort, but as long as you stay safe and open to new experiences, you’ll find your perfect match when you least expect it.