I’m twenty-five years old. I’ve been like this since I can remember. I like to be the center of attention. I’ve gotten promoted twice this past three years from my job. I work in Human Resources for a big company. Part of my job is to do events for employees, give presentations about benefits and safety, emcee parties for different awards to employees. That’s not all I do a lot of networking for the company and teach how to bring in B2B customers to our corporation. I’m happy with what I do and I make good money.

However, I can’t be in a small room as a guest of the party where there’s under ten or so people. I get all nervous, scared, sweaty, and light headed. I end up with an anxiety attack and have to leave early. One time this hot manager was talking to me. You know the tall, blonde, mature man with an Armani Suite and smelled like he bathes with the unicorns and fairies. I was okay answering questions about work. It’s when he started asking about my personal life. He asked me about getting some coffee the next day. I passed out. I woke up in the emergency room. They said I had an anxiety attack.

Now I get all nervous at work, especially when I see him. All I want to do is hide behind the walls and not talk to him. I feel uncomfortable to be around handsome men.

If one starts talking to me I freak out. All I can think of is how he’ll screw me and go on his merry way. I don’t want that to happen again. I’ve been single ever since my ex-boyfriend broke my nose three years ago. Half the time I want to visit him in prison because I miss him.

–Scared by Cute Guys

Dear Scared by Cute Guys

It’s natural what your feeling. We are all gun-shy for one reason or another. It’s when it affects our lives, and we end up in the hospital over an anxiety attack that it becomes a problem. Eventually, you won’t be able to even give presentations if you don’t overcome that fear soon. What happened to you is all in the past. The odds that it will happen again are there. If you choose to date someone that will abuse you, you will get hurt. Obviously, that on your first date he’s not going to tell you that he’s going to beat the living daylights out of you. It starts slowly. First, it’s a little tap, then it’s a slap, and it escalates from there. Be aware of your circumstances but not so paranoid and afraid. Life is beautiful. Especially when you enjoy it with someone you love.

Talk to your hot suitor. You might be surprised how nice he can be. Give yourself a chance. Live life. Just remember that if he taps once and it’s soft, the next one won’t be a tap and it will hurt.

Take care and be brave, Andy.