Once you come out of the closet, there isn’t exactly a handbook waiting for you on how to dress the part – after all, you can dress any way you want. However, certain items are must-haves for a queer woman’s wardrobe, no matter what her core style is. You don’t have to change your entire wardrobe just because you may have changed your sexual orientation, but here are a few essentials that can help you be who you are and look good doing it.

Plaid Anything

If you are going out and you want other lesbians to take the hint and hit on you, there is no need to dress like a teenage boy if you don’t feel like it. If you prefer girls but also prefer heels and dresses, there is no reason you can’t stay true to that. One way to let others identify you as a lesbian is by wearing a plaid piece of clothing. Through time, plaid has been an official lesbian identifier that even queer celebrities have accepted – or perhaps started. By investing in a cute plaid shirt, for example, you can let others know that you’re queer but still keep your style by draping the shirt over a dress and some high heels.

The Perfect Swimsuit

Investing in the right swimsuit is essential for anyone. However, queer women are rarely the target customers when it comes to swimwear, which is why you need to put in even more effort into finding the perfect fit. Not many lesbians will feel like themselves while wearing a tiny bikini. If that applies to you as well, then you need to take the time, do the research and figure out what best suits your body without making you feel self-conscious – especially if you live in a warmer climate with beaches around. Look at one piece swimwear in Australia that the girls are strutting, for example. These girls are experts at most things “beach”, and whether they are gay or straight (or whether you are), you could take a note or two from them.

A Sensual Piece

There are many great cliches in lesbian fashion, but it’s also (obviously) okay to want to try something completely different every once in a while. Some lesbians have proved that you can be confident in your sexual preferences while also being confident in your sexiness. While power suits are always going to be hot, you should invest in at least one sensual item for your wardrobe. A blouse with a shallow neckline and long sleeves is a great way to add a bit of spiciness to the suit – just don’t try it at the office.

Your Go-To Shoe

If you have ditched most of your heels and prefer to wear flat and comfortable shoes, you should invest in one fabulous pair that you could wear almost anywhere. The go-to walking shoes for queer women are allegedly Converse or Birkenstock. Both of these brands offer anything from absolute simplicity to something a little bit more wild and colorful, so you have options for more than just one occasion.

Investing in the right pair of socks can have a direct impact on your skin for optimum comfort. There are different materials for socks, like bamboo or polyester, however organic cotton is still the go-to option for anyone who has sensitive or allergy prone skin. Due to natural fibers and absence of any chemicals or dyes, organic cotton socks don’t cause any irritation allowing your skin to breathe. 100% cotton ankle socks will be a great investment to your wardrobe providing you a high level of comfort, while also staying safe for the environment.


Dungarees are a fashion must-have for anyone. They are a versatile piece of clothing that you can wear in the summer with as little as a white sports bra underneath, or you can take some notes from the fashion runways and slap on a zebra dungaree and pair it with a sweater during the colder months.

These essentials would be a great addition to any wardrobe, especially if you are a queer woman who wants to show off her confidence.