Fashion has dramatically changed throughout history. Just like many other things, it has evolved with time into becoming bolder and more unique. Let’s face it, clothing and fashion really do matter. Often, the first thing people see are the clothes we wear. Fashion is a form of expression, especially today when clothing has been used by everyone as a means of expressing their identity. 

Historically, gay designers have be supressed or forced to work in secret, but in the past few decades, they’ve been able to show their true sides, in both a personal and sartorial sense. Here are few of the most famous, modern gay designers who have made a remarkable influence on how we dress:

Calvin Klein

First on the list is Calvin Klein who established Calvin Klein Inc. in 1986. He is known for his famous underwear design but more than that, he also gained success from his jeans and fragrance collections. 

He popularised a minimalist style, basing his designs on his philosophy of being simple, comfy and stylish. His simple underwear designs are iconic, even though the mens and women’s underwear are similar. But that is what sets him apart. 

Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent started out in the fashion and couture industry in the 1960s. Originally a designer for Dior, he branched out and eventually built his own empire. A turning point that popularized his work was the introduction of tuxedos and dress pants for women. It revolutionized how women dressed and this became a green light for worldwide social change. 

Since then women have worn tuxedos and pantsuits for many occasions, most notably in the corporate world, which screams elegance, sexy and power, breaking all the gender norms in fashion. 

Tom Ford

Tom Ford reshaped Gucci and saved the company during the 1990s when it was going through its hardest time. Through Gucci, Tom Ford popularized sensual clothes and dresses for women with sexy cut-outs and strings. For men Gucci popularized tight trousers for men. Under Ford’s direction, Gucci sales escalated quickly and today it remains a popular couture fashion house. 

Giorgio Armani

From humble beginnings as a window dresser for a department store, to a well-known billionaire designer, Armani worked his way to the top using his creativity and love for fashion. He reinvented the men’s suits to be soft and form-hugging, not boxy and square. On the other hand, his designs for women are powerful. His designs have paved the way for the acceptance of a softer image for men and a powerful image for women. 

Alexander McQueen

The late Alexander McQueen was known for his dark colors and aggressive designs in the couture world. He was influenced by gritty street styles, and his overall designs were on the darker side. Known for controversial styles and frequently referred to as “the hooligan of English fashion”, McQueen pushed the boundaries of couture. The brand he built has only continued to grow through the years, even after his death. From footwear to jewelry, to designing the wedding gown for the Duchess of Cambridge, McQueen’s legacy has softened, but will live on. 

Ultimately, fashion is more than just clothes, accessories, jewelry and shoes. If it weren’t for the iconic designers we have now in the industry, especially those in the LGBTQ+ community, it’s difficult to decide where to start, more so in the pressured and high standard industry of fashion right now. Do you need inspiration for your fashion career? What better way would it be to ask for help than from the experts themselves. Visit Moda Database today for celebrity stylists to help you expand your expertise and grow in the fashion industry!