The LGBTQ+ community is famous for many things, fashion definitely being one of them. Many biggest and newest trends often start in the gay community and later get adopted and copied by fashion giants and made popular by retail stores. So for ages, fashion has been a popular way for the LGBTQ+ community to show off its personality and stand out from the crowd. If you’re a rare unfashionable queer, here are a few tips that will help you harness fashion to highlight your personality: 

Letting Your Individuality Radiate Through DIY Projects

Within the realm of fashion, integrating your DIY projects can make a powerful statement about who you are. Think of it this way: when you choose to use something like a Craft Jewelry Set, you’re allowed to design and construct pieces that directly reflect your unique style and personality. This element of personalization can make your fashion sense even more compelling and genuinely expressive. Such a kit will provide you with all the necessary tools and materials to bring your creative visions into reality, offering a parade of possibilities to make necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more entirely yours. This way, you’re not just wearing fashion but also contributing to it in your expressive way.

Neon to stand out

Bold personalities usually know how to stand out in the crowd, but if you’re just now getting more comfortable with yourself and want to get noticed more, then don’t hesitate to add one or two neon garments to your closet. Nothing screams playful, approachable and congenial than an 80s-inspired neon jacket or some lemon yellow pants with a muted blouse. Tie-dye is back in fashion so don’t hesitate to opt for a particularly bright piece of this hippie uniform—you’ll feel very positive, vibrant and fun. 

Add some mystery to your look

There’s just something so attractive about mysterious people. To use that part of your personality to your advantage, you can opt for darker outfits like all-black or all-gray combos. These will give off an air of class, elegance and even a bit of danger. In a professional setting, black, charcoal and other dark colors can make you look more groomed, mannered and serious. And if you add some accessories, your outfit will definitely not be boring so don’t fear that at all! 

Show your easy-going side with casual pieces

If you’re an easy-going person that loves to chill out and be comfortable, then don’t toss out all your t-shirt just yet. Casual t-shirts can be great for everyday wear, running errands, doing Casual Friday and even going for an active date. If you want to leave an impression of a very laid-back person that’s easy to approach, casual pieces should be in your closet at all times. Besides t-shirts, you can also consider quality shorts for active summer days, a simple hoodie (your partner will love to steal that one for sure) and even sweatpants, because today they come very well made and properly tailored. Something that balances the line between sportswear and athleisure is a classic terry cloth polo shirt you can wear everywhere both grabbing a brunch and going yachting. This shirt will provide style and allow you to feel comfortable and look approachable. 

Show some skin

If the part of your personality you want to show is a healthy lifestyle, active living or even a part of your promiscuous nature, don’t hesitate to show some skin. LGBTQ folks with a complicated relationship with fashion and their body image who are just now getting comfortable with wearing something skin-tight or revealing can take baby steps and opt for a longer crop top or a shorter pair of shorts. A 7’’ or 5’’ inseam will reveal just enough of your sculpted legs to spark a conversation with a fellow gym-goer and a crop top will definitely catch your crush’s eye. And if you don’t feel comfortable, simply try again in a few months once you become more familiar with fashion experimentation.

Don’t let the shoes be an afterthought

Don’t neglect the shoes thinking that no one will notice them—they will very quickly. To show your attention to detail and care, make sure to use the right shoes to complete your outfit. It’s possible to use your footwear as an accessory if you opt for a unique trait like studs or interesting patterns. Also, feel free to play with materials. Even if you prefer a more minimalist approach to fashion, you can add interest to your outfits with snakeskin textures, suede or leather. A black suit and tie with dress sneakers can give off a completely different vibe, and so can sweatpants with unique boots. 

And don’t forget to incorporate a little rainbow detail into your outfits—it doesn’t have to be very obvious. Being LGBTQ+ is a part of your personality and you should be free to show it to the world. Good luck with experimenting with clothing and letting your true colors shine through fashion.