What does it mean to be gay and bipolar? It depends on who is answering. Are you the person that’s gay? Are you the person that’s Bipolar? Or are you the person that is both Gay and Bipolar? For each one of us, there’s a different answer. Where do you fit in? It can also mean nothing. It can mean everything.

For those of us of a certain age (over 30), we didn’t have gay role models. Because of that, it could also mean that it’s an excuse to commit suicide. Ultimately it’s all up to the person who is both to make it mean something. If you have become something you could be a role model.

Homosexuality is normal. There is empirical proof that it is. People who are afraid will always fight their own homosexual urges.

History has taught us that homosexuality is in every culture around the world. Some cultures veneer it, others take it for what it is, and some even make part of their rituals.

Biologically speaking, we are humans. Which in essence means we’re animals. Mammals to be more precise and all mammals mate. Mammals are known to mate for pleasure not just for reproduction.

History is full of famous people with mental illness. They have committed some awful acts against humanity. Killed for pleasure. Deceived for gain. Governed with fear. Oppressed the feeble minded. No different than today. Furthermore, history has given us artists with mental illness who made the best sculptures, the most beautiful murals, best-painted frescos, sentimental poems, awesome music, and more.

Biologically speaking, it’s merely a chemical reaction in our brain. Or rather, not a chemical reaction in our brain. Either or we are normal. Sometimes we just need to have those chemicals stabilized. Just like Diabetics use insulin for their sugar intake.

Mental disorder is considered an illness. Which would mean that the entire population is mentally ill. It’s nothing new. We know this. We have heard horror stories of people with mental illnesses.

Mythologically speaking, we have gods and deities with mental illnesses. Some, if not all mental illnesses are named after famous Greek or Roman deities.

Imagine being both. You’re harassed for being gay and you’re harassed for being mentally ill. Let’s not mention religion and race, that’s for another article. The first two are enough to make anyone want to commit suicide. Your family doesn’t know what to do with you. Do they take you to the mental institute for a cure? To cure your homosexuality with shock therapy or your mental illness with a lobotomy.

So, if you’re both gay and have a mental illness and you’re not electrified with one missing eye, count yourself lucky. You have made it this far.

Congratulations. You’re my hero. With that in mind, share your success story with others and be a role model through I Am Bipolar, Listen. com