There has been something of a shift in the sex doll market in recent years, with more and more sex doll retailers reporting a rise in demand for gay male sex dolls. If you already own your first doll, or perhaps have a second or third, you may find this a little surprising as many people will typically associate sex dolls with the female form.

If you cast your mind back to your research and initial purchase, you’ll probably remember that when browsing for your perfect toy, the vast majority of dolls you came across were female and the customization options to design a doll to your tastes were based around female attributes. 

Happily, that’s no longer the whole story with more and more manufacturers diversifying their designs and catering for the gay community with cutting-edge male sex dolls for gay men that are every bit as hot as their female counterparts. What’s more, they’re very much in demand.

What’s behind the increase in male sex dolls? 

According to the New York Post’s Adam Schrader, many companies have realised that they need to cater for a wider audience base and have a product line that can accommodate those looking for a male sex doll rather than a traditional female doll. As Schrader says, “Why play with Barbie when you can play with Ken?”. 

This is obviously great news for the wider LGBQT+ community as it means that manufacturers are switching on to the fact that they can and should provide products catering for a wider range of sexual identities and preferences. 

Of course, the more than manufacturers innovate in their designs and expand their male sex doll product ranges, the greater the demand is likely to become. 

A quick search online shows that there are quote a few theories as to why there’s been a growing trend of male sex dolls for the gay community: 


  • Acceptance


Historically, the gay community is considered to be open-minded and very accepting, meaning this is a community that may be much more willing to experiment, try new things and not be so concerned about stigma or judgement from peers. 


  • Lockdown 


Some doll manufacturers report that sales of sex dolls surged notably during lockdown. That makes sense on a couple of levels. With people forced to stay at home, suddenly that opens up a lot of free time. For many, the end result is boredom – a feeling that can open up new avenues and offer more free time and space to experiment with new toys or finally take the leap and try something that has been on the back burner for a while. 

Many couples also turned to sex dolls during this time for similar reasons. Being around someone all day, every day can quickly suck the excitement out of a relationship and make even the hottest couple bored in the bedroom. Adding a new sex doll into the mix is a hot, fresh and fun way to spice things up and introduce some excitement while locked up at home. 

Lockdown too also made it impossible for single people to meet others and begin new relationships. It makes sense that some would turn to a sex doll to give them the companionship and sexual component missing from social isolation. 


  • Technology


We’re just going to go ahead and say it. Men have had a pretty rough ride when it comes to sex toys in years past. Many manufacturers and designers have been of the opinion that it’s primarily women who are in the market for toys. This isn’t just a judgment call. Vibrators were being used for intimate purposes by women as long ago as Victorian times according to historians. They have been part of mainstream culture and advertised to women for more than 70-years, so it’s understandable that men may have been somewhat overlooked. 

Technology historian Hallie Lieberman, from the Georgia Institute of Technology says,  “The kind of vibrator that we think of today started showing up in the 1950s and became more common and openly sold in the 1960s.” There’s nothing comparable when it comes to toys for men in the same period so sex toys for men have been incredibly limited for a long time.

Today though, technology has evolved to such a degree that the sky is the limit for many product designers. With innovations such as artificial intelligence (AI) no longer science fiction but widely accessible in the real world, not to mention incredible innovations in textiles, materials and other technologies, the sex toy market for men has grown rapidly. 

Sexpert Samantha Evans says, “The reality is that male sex toys are now every bit as innovative and varied as toys for women.”


  • A shift in attitudes


Whether gay or straight it seems like men are collectively deciding that it’s ok for them to buy and enjoy sex toys too. Toys are no longer just for the ladies. This isn’t an overnight shift though, it’s something that has been slowly gathering steam for almost a decade.

A 2014 survey carried out by men’s mag FHM highlighted that a transformation was underway with 70% of men surveyed saying that they felt they should be able to buy a sex toy for themselves without embarrassment. 78% said they would also buy a sex toy for solo use. The same survey also found that around half of men owned a sex toy at that time, although the most common was a simple cock ring. It seems that in the years since then, more men have become more confident in purchasing and using sex toys, including sex dolls. 


  • Wellbeing 


Samantha Evans also brings up another interesting point. She says that research indicates men who use sex toys are more clued up about sexual health and wellbeing. Could this be another reason why there is more demand for male sex dolls from the gay community? 

Studies conducted at Indiana University in USA in 2009 found that 45 per cent of men aged between 18 and 65 years who use sex toys were more likely to participate in sexual health promoting behaviours such as testicular examination and male sexual health clinics,” she explains. “They also scored highly on satisfaction levels of erectile dysfunction, intercourse satisfaction, orgasmic function and sexual desire.” 

Popular male sex dolls

We have a wide range of male sex dolls in stock if you’re on the hunt for a doll of your own. 



Paul is one of our newest additions, generously endowed and already proving popular thanks to his chiseled abs, muscular thighs and sexy proportions. He weighs a realistic 57kg making him one of our heaviest male sex dolls. He’s perfect if you’re looking for a sturdier doll to enjoy in a range of positions.

As with all our sex dolls, you can customize Paul to your perfect match, including changing his hair color, eye color and skin tone. 



Cormac is a stylish, suave man about town we’re sure you’d swipe right for. Whether you want him for yourself or to form a threesome or more with your partner, he’s open to anything. We do mean anything – Cormac has a 5.1 in oral depth and 6.2 in anal depth, allowing you to live out your hottest fantasies and desires. 

Cormac’s high-quality silicone and metal skeleton offers a super realistic sensation. He stands 5.4 ft tall, with a 38.6 in chest. 



If men in uniform get you hot under the collar, meet Anthony. A jet-setting pilot, he’s got a sculpted six pack and 38.6 in chest. With a 5.1 in oral depth and 6.2 in anal depth, you’re in complete control. Choose from a 6 in or 9.8 in insertable penis and standing or non-standing design to best satisfy your needs.



Petite but perfectly formed, Connor is also one of our most pocket-friendly dolls, making him a great starter male sex doll if you’re ready to introduce a doll to your sex life for the first time. Made from TPE with metal skeleton, you can put Connor in any position of your pleasure. Mix it up however you like, introduce another person or enjoy him solo. With a 5.1 in oral depth, 6.3 in anal depth and 7.1 in or 6.7 in penis size, the only real limit to living out your every desire is your imagination as Connor guarantees never to say no. 



If you love leather, you’ll love our harness-wearing Calvin. This TPE and metal skeleton male sex doll is very amenable to your every request. Dress him up or take it off – whatever you’re in the mood for, Calvin will comply. At 50kg he’s no push over but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy Calvin in any position that you please. Whether you’re playing solo or with a partner, you’re guaranteed to enjoy 5.1 in oral depth and 6.2 in anal depth. 

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