With the collaboration of Dr. David Rowland from Valparaiso University, Premature Ejaculation Help is sponsoring a survey about premature ejaculation.

They are investigating preconceptions about premature ejaculation. Studies1 suggest that men who suffer from PE have an inferior quality of life, higher personal distress, and lower self-confidence. This survey aims to understand better what people think of premature ejaculation.

Most of the studies on the subject only investigate heterosexual couples. In this investigation, the authors would like to have a good representation of queer, bisexual, and gay men. They want to define better the impact of PE on couples of all sexual orientations.

The survey takes between five to ten minutes. For each complete response, Premature Ejaculation Help will give a little sum to queer-voices.com to support their work.

You can take the survey by clicking here. Note that an Institutional Review Board has reviewed the study for the protection of participants.

Also, even if the reason we’re posting this is to increase the representation of queer, bi, and gay men, they also collect answers from women, hetero men, or people of any gender and orientations. So don’t be afraid to share the survey!

Take the survey.

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