Who doesn’t love to travel? It helps to broaden the mind, provides the opportunity to explore stunning locations, and get the perfect tan. 

Yet certain people travel at a different standard to regular folk: the rich and famous. A-list celebrities within the LGBTQIA+ community get to sample the finest foods, stay in the plushest of rooms, and visit the most exotic destinations on the planet. 

However, it doesn’t have to be something that is out of reach for you. If you want to know how to travel like the LGBTQIA+ rich and famous, read on! 

Pick the right destination 

Before you decide to pack your backs with your favorite outfits and tech, and even before you book your flights and hotel reservation, you need to settle on a destination. 

As a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, you’ll be aware there are some destinations that are no-go zones. Or if you do decide to visit these places, you’ll have to keep your true self concealed – and nobody wants to do that. 

Plus, if you want to travel like the rich and famous, you need to get your timing right. That means checking the calendar for any major festivals and events that celebrate LGBTQIA+. Pride month is a particularly enticing time to travel – and not just because of the summer weather! 

Pack your bags

Minus the really expensive designer items, this is an area where you can truly catch up with the rich and famous. For instance, Cash Lady’s travel pack guide demonstrates your suitcase can contain the same type of tech and outfits as celebrities do. 

Think about it: even the most high-end tablet computers and headphones are within the average person’s budget. 

Go five-star 

You might have to save up a month’s wages to afford it, but there’s nothing quite like staying at a five-star hotel. Along with impeccable service and the most high-end furnishings, there’s the chance you could rub shoulders with celebrities while sipping on a margarita at the bar. 

Visit trendy hotspots 

All rich and famous people are enticed to the latest trendy hotspots in a major city. Whether this is a Michelin-starred restaurant in London or the most buzzing nightclub in Ibiza, you’ll often see a celebrity or two in attendance. Getting into these hotspots isn’t easy, of course. For a world-renowned restaurant, you might have to book a reservation a year in advance. 

To know which nightlife spots are worth visiting, Hostel World has a handy list of their top 20 best nightclubs the world has to offer. 

Be yourself 

When you look up to the famous LGBTQIA+ community figures, they don’t shy away from who they are. They’re proud of their sexuality. They’re proud of being a representative of the community. As a result, they dress in a way that is comfortable for them. 

When you’re packing your clothes, keep this in mind. You don’t have to be upfront and bold with your fashion choices, but you also shouldn’t hide your sexuality and who you are.