It’s Pride Month, and we shouldn’t be scared of anything. This is the time of tolerance and love, and you should block whoever says otherwise. However, even though we are trying not to be judgmental, there is that one aspect that we haven’t thought about. We are gay people, and fashion is significant to us. So, yes, we will most certainly judge people who didn’t dress for the occasion – sometimes unconsciously, but what we can do is to make sure we are dressed in just the right ways. Pride events are places where you can go completely crazy with the outfits and your appearance, but there simply are some don’ts that you should have in mind.

DO – Rainbows

Of course, it’s not imperative that your pride outfit features rainbows, but if you have the option to, why not? Showing all the colors of the rainbow, and dressing up in this way is the right way. However, you don’t have to come dressed in rainbows from head to toe – you can also choose something minimalistic with a small LGBTQ rainbow flag, or if you have nothing of that sort, you can always draw one on your face.

DON’T – Feed any hate

Some of you might think that this is the most logical thing to know, so why would we feature this huge “Don’t” on the list? Well, Pride is not only a place where you celebrate who you are, but it’s also a place where many different causes are fought for and advertised. This is, in general, a great thing – raising awareness is always something that we should all fight for. However, some of the messages and causes that you are trying to advertise might not be entirely positive and optimistic, so think about what kind of messages you are sending. Always try to be positive and never feed hate – after all, this is what we’re trying to stop. Stay positive and loving.

DO – Wear comfortable shoes

Regardless of the outfit, you’re going to rock; you need to think about the shoes. You will probably walk long hours, so comfort should always come first. There are amazing brands that produce very fashionable and comfortable shoes, so you might want to go with them. If you want to dress in drag, think about your footwear as well. Opting for fashionable women’s sneakers is a better idea than high heels – you won’t have the energy of walking and dancing and walking once again in high heels throughout the day.

DON’T – Overdo it

Sure, there’s no overdoing it on Pride Parades. However, there is one thing that you might want to stay away from, and that is rubber and latex suits. Some of you might find it sexy, but remember that it’s June and that it’s going to be pretty hot outside (so you can only imagine how hot you will be in a rubber or latex suit – and the good way of hot). Leave this for some other time, and opt for something lighter and more comfortable.

DO – Think about group outfits

A themed costume is always an exciting and inspiring idea. Not only is it fun, but it brings people closer together, which is one of the goals of this month. Pride is about celebrating being alive, happy, free, and openly gay in your community, so gathering your closest friends and dressing up in matching outfits can be a mighty move.

DON’T – Go crazy with the makeup

Creating creative costumes for Pride, for some, requires the use of makeup, which is totally fine. However, think about the weather once again, and don’t go crazy with the makeup. You don’t want to look like you’re melting at one point in time, so it’s always better to opt for some nude looks or have makeup removal products close to you just in case.


After all, it’s not OK to judge people on what they’re wearing. And we believe you won’t do that, but there certainly are queens who are looking forward to that. So don’t give them that satisfaction – instead focus on creating a more favorable environment for all the gay people around you.