Relationships are like flowers that need to be watered constantly in order to reach their full bloom and remain beautiful. However, most of us tend to neglect that fact, which later on results in complete monotony. But the good side is that there are ways to erase that monotony and bring the fire back into your relationship once again. Here is how. 

Sex is (almost) always the answer

Whether you like it or not, sex is a natural urge among all humans and the reason why many relationships went down the drain. 

When is the last time you two got naughty between the sheets? If the answer took you longer than 5 seconds to remember, it was a long time ago. 

There are many ways to improve your sex life, so let’s see the best 3.

Be bold

Bold is actually the blood relative to sex. Why? Because the bolder you are, the sexier you will be to him. Men and women like their partners to be brave and that will fulfill their fantasies and vice versa. So, how far are you ready to go in order to have one great WooHoo session? 

Next time he calls you on the phone to ask where you want to go for lunch, start talking dirty to him. Tell him what would you do to him, what do you want him to do to you etc. Bonus points if he is with, for example, his parents – haha. 

Also, consider investing in a couple of great sex toys from Chain And Bow you will both enjoy – that stuff is hot. 

Be spontaneous

The sexiest moments are those that are unplanned. And being spontaneously sexy is not hard at all. If you, let’s say, start feeling sexy during your lunch date – make the move. Start kissing him gently and caressing his leg. Finally, if he doesn’t get the signal, whisper a naughty hint into his ear – he will be pleasantly surprised. 

Next, you can surprise him when you two are in public. You try to get jiggy with it in the back of the car, but a simple “special” kiss will be more than enough. 

At parties, ‘quickie’ is always an option. 

Finally, note that a good soldier is always ready for battle, so make sure your skin is always washed and shaved and that your breath is fresh.

Make him want more

Remember, appetizer comes before both the main course and dessert. Do not throw all your sexiness out there in the beginning. Don’t go straight to it after making out. You should first allow his passion to build up. Also, if you are not in the mood for sex, don’t do it – he will know you are not fully committed to the act and his confidence will drop. 

It is all about the looks

When we are in long-term relationships, eventually many of us start neglecting our looks and not trying enough. “We are already together for such a long time, he had seen it all, he loves me the way I am” – and you’re right, but you shouldn’t let him forget why he fell in love with you in the first place. 

Whether you like it or not, all guys are more or less shallow, and the physical appearance of their partner plays a big part in his desire and his ego. 

Don’t get me wrong, nobody said that you should focus entirely on dressing for his eyes, so his friends will talk about you as some hot stuff, no. You should focus on your appearance in a way that you are standing in front of that mirror yelling: YAAS, YOU GO GIRL! And when you are feeling sexy, you will be sexy. 

Wear that sexy lingerie from Kennie Mas that makes your bum look great a little more often, show some skin, do your hair and makeup and put a little more perfume than usual. He will definitely notice. 


Sure, there are many things you can do to make yourself sexier. But, sexual chemistry is something completely different and much more complex. No matter whether you are happy with the amount and ‘intensity’ of your sex, note that it can always be better. The essentials are anticipation, excitement and attention. 

When it comes to anticipation, you have to openly talk about the things you like sexually (even if you never did them). 

When it comes to excitement, have in mind that sex is a wonderful thing “invented” for our enjoyment, so you should create an atmosphere where you two can openly talk about new things and make suggestions without any judgement. 

Finally, in order for this to work, you have to always pay attention to each other’s needs. 

That would basically be it. What do you think about these tips? Do you have some more you would like to share? Feel free to comment.