Grindr is an app that had the good intention of bringing men together. Kind of a hookup at the bar without either the bar or the alcohol. A great idea for men who are looking for a one-night stand, some group fun, or even a possibility of a long term relationship. The possibilities are endless. You are also likely to find married men, closeted men, group sex, and myriad fetishes.

However, there has been some controversy over Grindr. Most men don’t like Grindr and feel that it has a bad reputation. We have a negative opinion about the app. Let’s not blame the software or the nerds that created it. It’s just that some of the end-users that give it a bad reputation.

Don’t kill the messenger. Yes, it’s a cliché, but it fits.

The list of profiles is long. The pictures of some of the profilers are PG-rated, and there are plenty of X-rated pics to be had. Of course, you have to ask them to send the latter. Which is great if you’re looking for something special. It’s like you entered a buffet of penises and you have your pick. Literally.

Some men are great and are very open-minded. They take their time getting to know you and when you two meet, it is all fun and games and of course sex. With that in mind, some men are questionable. They tend to be most of the Millennial crowd. They are downright mean and terrible and that’s what gives Grindr a bad name.

Discrimination is bad enough when coming from the religious, closeted, and/or heteronormative. Being ridiculed and offended on Grindr is just obscene. This behavior brings discrimination and hatred to a new level. Why do men feel that they can do that to their peers?

Being harassed for being gay has been the norm for discrimination. Now we have the additional derogatory words among ourselves on Grindr. Most of those hateful words are spelled out on their profile. They let you know right away what they’re not looking for. It’s all fine and dandy; we all have our tastes. But why be an ass about it?

On profiles we have:

  • No fems
  • No fatties
  • No oldies
  • No small d&$@

Some are very creative and don’t call you names. However, they do request that you fit a specific description before you can meet them.

  • You must be at least 9″
  • Looking for White only
  • You must be hard and smooth

It does not stop there. For those who don’t tell you on their profile, you’re still subject to get messages that say:

  • You’re fat
  • Is that your face?
  • Where did you hide it?
  • Oh God NO!

It gets better. For some reason, they don’t pay attention to the picture or the stats. It happens. Also, the sender may not be wise enough to send his real stats and he’s surprised by the remarks afterward. In which case, I don’t blame the insulter.

  • You’re not as cute as your picture
  • Was that a picture from the ‘70s?
  • Did you gain the weight in the last hour?
  • Wow! Two of you.
  • Dude! You’re butt ugly.

Whatever happened to No thanks. Or Not interested.

grindr-gay-bi-curious-guy-finder-200x300If you’re on Grindr and you do this: Take a look at black ‘n white movies and find a hot looking guy. Look for him now. Not so hot. That’s going to happen to you. If you’re on Grindr and you’re harassed: Block them. Why would you bother keeping in touch with them? Keep safe and be happy.

Nonetheless, those of us that are older, overweight, and butt ugly are at a loss. We get to be harassed by the young gods that think they own the world. What they don’t realize is that their youth will not last another 10 years. Their bodies will be deteriorated beyond recognition from all the drugs they use. And they will catch various STD because they are not careful.