Are you tired of going to the clubs and same old gay cafés in your city for dates? Are too tired from all the work and errands to go on an evening walk? Well, you and your partner can have a dreamy at-home date to beat all dates! Here are a few ideas for your next staycation date night: 

Have a movie night

Cinemas are overpriced anyway and you’re forced to either sneak in food or chew on stale popcorn. This time, stay at home with your favorite streaming service and organize a cozy movie night date. Pick that new LGBTQ movie you haven’t watched, and prepare a lot of blankets and tissues (let’s face it, every LGBTQ movie is sad so there will be tears). To make your date even better, prepare a tasty charcuterie board with all your favorite savory and sweet snacks and pop open a bottle of wine. 

Play board games

When was the last time you played board games? It’s probably been years since you’ve enjoyed any game that’s not on a screen, but you and your partner can change that. You can rent or borrow various board games and try them out. Or you can opt for the classic – Spider Solitaire, for example. If you want to make these more adult, you can make a drinking game out of it and take a shot whenever you roll a certain number or stop on a certain spot. A bit of friendly competition can be great for your relationship and you’re guaranteed to have plenty of laughs. Also try this free version of the classic jigsaw puzzle. It allows you to create your customized puzzle using their jigsaw puzzle maker. Moreover, Scrabble is a timeless classic always worth playing too. Unscrambled Words helps you quickly unscramble random letters into actual words to use in your game.

Have a living room picnic

Who says that a picnic can only be enjoyed outside? As long as you have a blanket, a basket with some food and good company, you can have a cute indoor picnic. And you don’t even have to cook. You can order chef-cooked frozen meals that you can just pop into the oven and enjoy fresh and warm. Make sure to accompany your meal with something sweet (fruity desserts are always a good idea). And if you finish your picnic date with some cocktails with beach views and sounds playing on the TV, you’ll truly feel like you’re on a gorgeous tropical picnic date on the beach. 

Turn your home into a spa 

Everyone loves a good spa day but these are notoriously expensive and in many cases, they require booking and wait periods—nobody’s got time for that. Instead, turn your bathroom into a healing spa space by preparing a bath with all sorts of essential oils, playing soft music, setting up two glasses of wine and turning down the lights. After your nice soak, grab your face masks for some rejuvenation and take the relaxation into the bedroom. If you’re feeling extra generous, brush up on your massage skills and give your partner a nice rub down. 

Do a couple’s workout

If you decided to skip the gym and stay at home, why not catch up with your exercise and do a couple’s workout. These can be very fun and very effective, so find a good stream online and follow instructions. And when you’re all done, you can enjoy a nice shower together. 

Have a dance party

If the club is too crowded for you, you can have a private dance party in your living room. Clear some space so you can show off all your best moves and blast your favorite tunes. A great idea is to find a short choreography or a new dance you can learn, so the next time you’re at a party, you can dazzle everyone with your routine.  Dancing and music will boost your serotonin, bring you closer together and make you laugh until you cry. And the fact that you’re at home, you can dance like no one’s watching, because there’s actually no one watching—it’s very liberating. 

There you have it, a few amazing at-home date ideas all LGBTQ couples will adore. And if you can, keep your date idea a surprise and blow your partner’s mind with your super romantic date.