Moving to a new house, no matter if you’re moving down the street or across the country, can be very overwhelming for everyone, especially couples. But, you can get ahead of the moving game if you follow this moving checklist and follow these tips. If you direct your attention to things that matter, you will get to avoid unnecessary fights and come out stronger than ever out of this experience. Need some help with moving? Here’s a good gay couple’s guide for all LGBTQ homeowners that will ensure your move is smooth and joyous. 

List your possessions

This activity is very taxing for many, but the sooner you jump into it, the faster you’ll finish and take an inventory of your home. In order to ease your move, try to get rid of some things—this move can be a fresh start for you and your partner, so don’t be too attached to possessions. Make a list of items you definitely want to have in your new house and a list of things you can do without. Also, acquire the dimensions of your new place and see whether the furniture and appliances will fit into the space and match your decor. If you have a few things you want to sell or donate, put them aside and get ready for a yard sale. 

Buy new locks

Before you start moving to your new place, make sure to replace all locks on doors that connect the outdoors with the indoors. Every time you’re moving to a new house, call commercial locksmiths and have your house secured with new keys. Who knows who might be having the keys to your house in their pocket. You can also ask the previous owner about spares that might be laying around the property. Once your locks are changed, you can sleep easy knowing you’re safe from burglars, freaks, homophobes and other intruders. 

Choose the right movers

This is a very important step in the moving process, so take your time and ensure you choose the right movers. When picking your moving company, make sure to check out their website and other consumer interest resources like the BBB or Angie’s List. If you’re moving far away from your current location, choose cross country movers with storage, so you can be sure your things will be protected even if you don’t time your move perfectly. Professionals will pack your things, provide you with packing supplies and even move your second car so you can travel with your partner to your new location. You’re not moving every day, so don’t hesitate to choose a quality moving company. 

Keep certain things with you at all times

While most things can ride in the truck while you move, some things should stay with you in the car. Documents like birth certificates and passports and things like small home safes and other valuables always need to be at your hand’s reach. Check whether you have these essentials with you a few times during the move—catching that they are missing in time will save you a lot of stress and headache. 

Be respectful

This part of the process is a great way to connect with your partner and learn a few things about each other. For instance, if you always wondered about a curious thing your partner owns, now you can find out about its origins. When making a list of the possessions you want to keep and toss, make sure to be respectful. What if that ugly cup was a present from their childhood friends or if that record collection that never gets played is the only thing your partner has from their late parent? Make sure to be extra respectful with it comes to your LGBT partner’s intimate possessions—these can trigger gender dysphoria, body dysmophia or some other trauma. You don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings as you encounter things in each other’s boxes. 

While it can be quite hard for some gays to avoid drama, you definitely don’t need it during your move. As long as you’re patient, respectful and smart about your relocation, you will come out of it as a stronger couple than before.