First of all, congratulations on getting married! Now comes the tricky part – sharing the living space with the one you love. Do you think it’ll be easy? Be as it may, that’s not the topic today – it’s the décor. How to decorate your new living space? There are so many different styles and choices that you can go for, that the whole process becomes quite daunting and nerve-wracking. We are here to give you just a couple of pointers, discuss what’s good and why, and hopefully convince you to decorate your living space just how we want it! After all, people have high expectations on your aesthetic game, so make sure not to let them down.

Tech investments

You might not be completely crazy about technology, computer, and games, but the technology that you incorporate in your home indeed is quite essential. Moreover, it can easily be said that gay men love technology, contrary to popular belief. You might not be tech-crazy like straight men are, but you love having all the latest gadgets and pieces of technology installed in your home. This will make your living space much more stylish and fashionable. However, bear in mind that having a smart home costs a bit more, but it’s definitely worth the price. Not only will you be able to watch your favorite show with your friends on an enormous TV and an enviable sound system, but you will also be able to see who’s sneaking around your house while you’re away on holiday with your bae.

The smell maters

Apart from the way your home looks (we will focus on the rest a bit later in this article), it’s vital to pay attention to the smell. Yes, sometimes it’s even more important than the aesthetics of your home. Not only will you be making your home more comfortable for you and your husband, but for all of the guests visiting as well. The best way to decorate your apartment nicely while giving it a fresh smell is by introducing scented candles in the picture. Make sure that you always have candle supplies stored in a cupboard as you never want to run out of them. However, even if you pick candles that are not scented, they will always enhance the aesthetics of your room. Pick candles that look very classy, elegant and minimalistic.

Be green

This might be up for discussion, but come on, what kind of a gay person are you if you don’t have plenty of plants in your living space? A home without plants is hardly a home at all, so what you want to do is create that jungly effect that’s very popular at the moment. Also, the green color soothes the eyes a lot, so not only is it beautiful to the eye, but it can be quite relaxing as well. Choose some of the most photogenic plants, such as the trendy Monstera plant. However, if you don’t think that you have a green finger and you cannot rely on your other half (why did you marry him again?), you can always choose low-maintenance plants.

Nordic or Italian?

Before you buy the furniture and paint the walls, you might want to choose which style you want to rock. You can always go with the very popular minimalistic approach, but make sure that you see what the best ways of having a minimalistic home is. Nordic lifestyle is always very beautiful and pleasing to the eye, but it just won’t do to choose minimalism as your style and then add pieces of furniture that don’t match together. On the other hand, if you want maximalism, you can also go with it, as it’s slowly becoming more popular (could it even be more popular than minimalism?). So if you want your own Versace villa type of a home, once again do your research on what furniture to buy.

Holiday décor

And finally, there’s no way in Hell that we’re going to let you live in your apartment with your husband without decorating for each holiday! Of course, we’re not talking about every holiday of course, but you need to have excellent decorations for the big ones such as Christmas and Halloween. It feels quite amazing when you enter a house that’s nicely decorated for the upcoming holiday, so make sure that house is yours.

So yes, decorating your house might be pricy and sometimes annoying, but it’s very interesting and fun. Make good choices as you don’t always get the chance to redecorate the space you live in, so think wisely!