We’ve all had one. That strong power top that makes you feel like a damsel in distress. That really hot bi guy that you go to class with, who you somehow managed to land. But with great looks comes a humongous responsibility, and that is why I’ve graced your screen with my words today. Here are 6 tips on keeping and going the extra mile with your hot new maybe-slightly-kind of out of your league boyfriend.

1. Keep him interested
Don’t bore the guy. I’m sure this guy values a nice night inside just staying in and watching some television series on Netflix, but you have to give him more. You have to be willing to be just as spontaneous as him. You have to live life two inches from the edge–a nice little distance that allows you to sunbathe appropriately and jump to action when the situation calls for it. Keep it new and fresh, everyone likes a person that never ceases to surprise them in a good way

2. Respect his opinions
I believe it to be the absolute annoying thing in the world for someone to dislike me for the way I feel on a certain topic. If the guy doesn’t really like Lana or Gaga don’t hold it against him, just accept the fact that maybe him being slightly different is a good thing. We all like varied things, so the first step in keeping him is respecting that.

3. Don’t feed his ego too much
As a significant other with a person who is what you think to be out of your league. It’s so important to let the guy know that you care about him, but you don’t worship him. You must come to the relationship battlefield knowing that this guy likes you and you like him and you are definitely going to be one of those power couples. Cockiness and inflated ego can lead to big heads and that dreaded thing that no relationship can fully recover from: cheating.

4. Keep a firm grip on him (FIGURATIVELY)
You can’t be too lenient but you can’t be on top of him on all hours of the day. You can’t make him do small, menial tasks to prove his love for you. Things like this are trivial. You can’t make him your dancing monkey. You need to find the self-esteem within yourself to think “Wow hey this guy likes for a reason so I just need to keep being that reason so I don’t lose him.” No, one likes a controlling boyfriend.

5. Partying and preventing “mistakes” from happening
If your boyfriend parties a lot, you could accompany him once in a while even if it really isn’t your scene being a designated driver doesn’t hurt either. Drunkenness leads to impaired judgment and mistakes and it’s a really cool thing to look out for your boyfriend when he really needs to be looked out for.

6. Keeping the green-eyed monster at bay
It’s an enormous responsibility to keep your jealousy in check. Speaking from experience I know what it feels like to give people a nasty look for showing interest in your boyfriend. Jealousy destroys relationships so if you’re ever feeling like that you just have to tell him. Tell him about how you’re feeling, although that may sound incredibly cringe-worthy; it really helps.

You’ve gotten that guy that probably everybody else wants so don’t be afraid to take your own advice and feel happy for your mini achievement!