So you got Grindr. Now, what? That’s the question we all ask ourselves. How do we know what to put on the profile? What is appropriate and what is expected. It’s all about your level of comfort. And also a little bit of common sense. You also don’t want to put information about yourself that might get you hurt; doxxing runs rampant on these platforms.

Number 1. Your Name

There’s a reason that there’s a handle. This is to allow creativity with your personality. It should not be your name. Would you post your name on a wall at the local grocery store? Everyone passes by, they see the other ads and they make calls. Don’t put your name on the profile. Once you feel safe with the man you’re hooking up with, give him your name.

You do not want someone taking your name and getting credit, buying a sports car, or completely stealing your identity.

Number 2. Your Location

It’s’ Grindr. It’s a mobile app that tells the world where you are. At least within a few feet. That’s okay. Probably because you didn’t open your app because someone is in your house. You’re probably at the mall, at the corner store– so its somewhat safe.

When you give your location to a stranger you are opening yourself to a lot of potential hurts. What if it’s the neighborhood cat burglar? While on the app he can easily see your name, where you live, and probably find your other social media accounts. What happens when you’re not home. You have uninvited guests who helps himself to your 75” television, if not more.

Number 3. Pictures that are not you

If you’re going to place an image of yourself. Be tasteful. Well, as much as you can be. It’s Grindr–there’s no stopping you. Your profile image needs to be G-rated of course. But the rest is totally up to you. Just make sure its only you. You and only you should be in the picture.

Why? Because you might find that the other person, whom you posted with on Grindr, did not give you permission. And if he did… not sure why he would. Unless of course, you’re a couple looking for a third, a fourth, or maybe more. Also, if someone recognizes the other person on Grindr and they’re not out, problems could quickly transpire. There’s also an infinite number of reasons people do not want to be seen on it. Remember, it’s you and only you who should be in the picture.

Number 5. Lies lies, lies

Don’t lie on your profile. It’s really not harmless. Why would you want to start a relationship with a lie?

Age: If you lie about your age, the truth will come out. If you see him again and for some reason you two go to a bar and you’re not old enough to imbibe. He’s going to know.

Marital Status: If you’re married: put on there that you’re on the down-low. If by chance, you and your wife are at the store and one of your hook-ups sees you and comes over to tickle your tonsils, your wife is not going to be happy and you might lose the house.

Old Picture: Here’s one that is more common than not. Some guys put a picture of themselves when it was taken in the 70s or 80s. First, it’s offensive to show your maturing face to a new relationship. It’s not that your old and ugly. That’s not a reason why someone will push you away. It’s because you’re lying– or at the very least, an omission of truth.

Imagine going on a hookup. You expect to see the individual who was portrayed in the picture. But then you see someone who is three times the age you were expecting. Likewise, he may see someone who is different from your picture. Either one is horrendous and offensive. The reaction is not always nice. You are setting up yourself for failure before you even walk out the door. Embellishing proves wonders online, but will not get you far in human interaction.

grindr-profiles-300x289When you’re on Grindr, be honest with yourself. You’ll be surprised at how well you will be received if you are just you and not someone else. If you ever watched a movie where someone impersonates someone else, they usually end up sad and depressed and sometimes without the girl.

Don’t lie. Have you had any unfortunate or hilarity ensuing experiences on Grindr? Please enlighten us and comment below.