Since you’re reading this, it means that you have a plan to get married, so it wouldn’t be nice not to start this article with – CONDRAGULATIONS BABIES! Let’s just wait a bit until all these emotions get into place. Now that you can think straight (as opposed to thinking gay which is the way you’re thinking 24/7), let’s talk about something that is very important for the future of both of you. Before opting for such a big step, it’s very important to think about all of the questions that might arise during your time spent together. Also, setting some ground rules before you tie the knot is very healthy. Since you’re a same-sex couple, the things you should take into account are even more numerous. Now, take a look at the 5 most important ones:

Who’s doing the housework?

If you have lived together for a certain period of time, then you might have already done this. However, know that marriage carries with it some more responsibilities, as you are now legally a couple. But if this is the starting point of your life together, then you should clearly split the housework and all the other chores that are ahead of you. Make sure you know who’s doing the laundry and the dishes and on which days, who’s picking up the groceries and who’s cleaning the house. You can always split the chores based on your personality and skills that you possess.

Think carefully about the wedding

You might also want to think about the details of your wedding ceremony. Now might not be the time to think about the flowers, catering and the bar of course, but you should definitely try and find the best venue for your wedding. Finding a good venue might be very challenging so it would be very good to do that right after you got engaged. Try to find very beautiful solutions such as a great South Coast NSW wedding venue that will not only make your wedding stunning but also memorable. If you’re not from Australia, though, you will also be able to find some amazing venues to host your wedding at, but make sure to book them in time.

Money and finances

Another crucial thing to think about is how you will take care of the money and the finances. Who is in charge of the money and how are you going to split the salaries that you earn? Is each of you in charge of his own or will you make a joint account and spend it together? This is something that not all couples do in the same way, so it would be good to sit down and actually talk about it with your partner. These things can be quite touchy, so it would be best to discuss them before you propose.

Are you on the same page?

What many fail to understand before they tie the knot is that they are not really on the same page. This is something that you need to settle before you propose, so talk family, kids, jobs, plans for the future, your dream wedding and even the type of engagement ring you envision – whether it’s a vintage or preowned engagement ring, for instance. Do you want the same things or not? Perhaps one of you wants a regular family while the other wants a husband who he can party with on Mykonos for the rest of his life. And this is precisely why you need to have “the talk.” Write down all the matters that are important to you and see his opinion on them. Never rush anything – this is a great way to see if the person that you love and want to propose to is actually the one for you. You might love somebody from the bottom of your heart, but if he doesn’t want the same things as you do, then why would you marry them in the first place? 


So, congratulations on wanting to propose. But think first – this is not a small question and it definitely needs some reviewing. However, we really hope that’s it and we wish you all the best!