Luis Martinez, general manager, and Chef Ali Dey Daly pay homage to icon Oscar Wilde with a namesake bar and eatery on 27th Street in Manhattan.

Oscar Wilde would be a good choice for a pre-theatre meal or after-show drinks, as it’s proximity to the theatre district is convenient but it isn’t overrun by showgoers.

With an adventurous, classy cocktail menu you can find myriad options that will surely delight your tastebuds.

For me, Oscar Wilde’s best libations are its selections of Gin & Tonic-based cocktails. With an extensive selection of gin options, you’re able to customize to complete satisfaction.

Oscar Wilde is certainly a place to people watch and hangout with friends for drinks. It’s dining room and bar areas are a little noisy—but not raucous by NYC standards.

Food offerings are modern takes on pub fare interspersed with a few classic dishes.

Take this flavorful dish comprised of braised beef short ribs, some root vegetables, and mashed potatoes with a truly decadent sauce—it’s a major step above traditional roast and potatoes you’d find in some pub along the English countryside.

A welcome addition to the English-y, pub-y food are some healthier options like this branzino filet with cauliflower three ways.

Though don’t count on being too healthy. The creme brûlée is served aflame, virtually guaranteeing you get an impeccable sugary crust that’s just begging to be cracked open so you can get to the luscious custard hiding below.

I can’t think of a better option than coming here for drinks and dessert after seeing a Broadway show. Perhaps I’ll see you there.