As of November 2015, there have been over 100,000 same-sex marriages. This is a significant number in the little over six months since the Supreme Court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage. The images on social media show pictures of happy couples holding their marriage certificates and locked in a loving kiss and embrace, wearing tuxedos or wedding gowns. What’s missing? Certainly, there are many couples that have waited a long time to tie the knot and their rush to the county clerks office is completely understandable. However, there is a new generation of young LGBTQIA+ people that are coming of marriage age and they need an example from those who have gone before them.

Marriage isn’t simply getting hitched. It’s a whole process that has been denied to LGBTQIA+ people for the entirety of American history. Marriage begins with serious dating and then there’s the proposal followed by an engagement period and YEAH an engagement party, setting the date and planning the ceremony, bachelor and bachelorette parties, the actual wedding and the honeymoon. These are all parts of the marriage experience and as LGBTQIA+ people, it’s an experience that we deserve. Same-sex marriage is a celebration and LGBTQIA+ people know how to celebrate. Celebrate the joy of finding that special someone and getting to legally make the commitment to shared lives.

m2Social media is an excellent method for sharing the joy with others. It’s also informative, especially for younger people eager to learn about life. The next step for those in love and ready to make that commitment is to share the whole process of getting married. Enjoying the process and sharing about it. It’d be truly inspiring to see someone share,

“My boyfriend proposed to me by having the engagement ring baked into a red velvet cupcake by the chef at our favorite restaurant.”

There are also difficulties with the wedding journey. Finding a hall or a church, finding a caterer, who to invite, who not to invite, the flowers, where to go on the honeymoon, the reception, the song and countless other moments that we deserve to experience. Even bridezilla, groomzilla, and transzilla tantrums are now part of our RIGHTS.

So, as you are contemplating popping the question, think about the journey of marriage not simply as the wedding itself. It’s perfectly fine if you want a quiet and simple civil ceremony, that’s your right. If you want the wedding of your dreams, then have it because that’s your right too. Share it on social media and show people everywhere your joy, your fun, your frustration, and ultimately you exercising your right to marry the person you love. We earned the right to more than just a marriage certificate. We get to take the E-ticket ride. Enjoy the ride.