Every wedding is unique to the couple. It is one day that is all about them.  Whether you choose to have a destination wedding, elope, or have a small ceremony, a wedding should be memorable and fun to plan. Crafting the perfect wedding day requires creativity, time, and patience. In this article, we will discuss wedding vendor ideas and wedding planning mistakes.

Wedding Vendor Ideas

There are many wedding vendors needed to have a successful wedding. Some wedding vendors are obvious. These include a wedding planner, venue, photographer, florist, and caterer to name a few. Maybe you want to get less traditional and more creative.

Coffee truck

Do you want a twist in beverage choices at your wedding? If so, why not add a coffee cart to the mix? You can serve lattes, coffee, tea options, and smoothies. You could even offer kid-friendly drinks. Also, for fun, you could somehow incorporate your new last name on the display menu. 

Live painters 

Another creative option is to hire live painters for your special day. Live painters can capture the details of your wedding ceremony and reception. The best part of having a painter at your wedding is that you can hang the beautifully painted canvas in your home. 

Balloon garlands

Balloon garlands have become a more popular decoration option. These are a great way to incorporate your wedding colors and make a statement. A vendor could build an arch or balloons to surround the dessert table. Ask a balloon artist for the ideas they may have for the venue space. Allow them to be creative and use their talents. 

Bouncy castle

Bouncy castles do not have to be just for kids. This can be a fun option for all ages to celebrate and take fun photos. A bouncy castle is a great way to entertain little ones and add a unique feature to your wedding!

Gelato and ice cream cart

Are you having a summer wedding? Everyone loves ice cream with yummy toppings. Since ice cream melts, it can be tricky. To avoid a big melt or spill, serve the ice cream from a gelato or ice cream cart. This is the perfect way to creatively serve a sweet treat to your guests.

Flower truck

A beautiful flower truck allows you to pick out your custom bouquet. Flowers can also substitute for party favors. Each guest can choose a few flowers and go home with their own small bouquet.

Marquee lights and custom neon signs

For a decorative, show-stopping look, you could use marquee lights. You may want to ask the florist to add floral touches that enhance your color scheme. Also, using custom neon signs is a way to personalize the occasion. You can order signs with your name and initials. You could repurpose these signs for future events. 

Mirror photo booth

A mirror photo booth is an entertaining, unique option for guests to interact with. You can include fun props for your guests to use. Besides a full-length mirror, you can also have handheld mirrors for guests to play with.

Giant yard games  

Lastly, outdoor weddings have become quite a “thing” regardless of the venue location. Giant lawn games could be another different but fun option to add to your wedding. These giant games include chess, corn hole, connect four, Jenga, and tic-tac-toe. 

Wedding Planning Mistakes

When it comes to wedding planning, most of the time people do not know what they are doing when they begin. There are many common wedding planning mistakes, from an engagement announcement, inviting too many guests, to allowing wedding trends to take over!

Announcing your engagement prematurely

One of the first mistakes of wedding planning is announcing your engagement too early. Announcing an engagement is exciting. However, the congratulations and questions from others can be overwhelming to some couples. Not to mention the questions and opinions about your wedding. Before officially announcing your engagement, give it time to sink in and enjoy it.

Not setting a budget

Setting a budget is a critical part of the wedding planning process. Money may not be your favorite topic. Although putting a monetary limit on your wedding fund may seem boring, it will alleviate stress later in the planning process. It will make it easier to say “yes” and “no” to vendors. 

Rushing to book vendors

Sometimes in all the excitement of wedding planning, it is easy to rush into deciding on wedding vendors. It is also easy to make this mistake if you are panicking about the planning. You may regret rushing into finding vendors especially if you find someone you like better later on in the planning process.

Choosing vendors solely on price 

A budget is essential when planning your wedding. However, choosing your vendors merely because of cost can be a huge mistake. Cheaper does not always equate to better. It may be worth paying a little more especially if you have your heart set on a specific vendor.

Distracted by social media

Once you’ve chosen a wedding theme and ordered flowers, you should stop looking at too many Pinterest boards and ideas from Facebook and Instagram. You may begin to second-guess your decisions and all the other choices you have made. It is easy to get swept away.

Obsessing over trends

Wedding trends are very important and a great source of inspiration. Trends come and go, though, and many couples regret being so fixated on trends during the wedding planning process. Although trends can be good they should not dictate every decision.

Oversharing with family and friends

Oversharing with family and friends is another wedding planning mistake. First, you are not always going to want the thoughts and opinions of everyone. Second, if you tell too much you risk spoiling the surprises for your guests at the ceremony. Third, you do not want to risk your family and friends spilling the beans and spoiling the surprises you have planned.

Finally, planning the perfect wedding celebration takes energy and thought. Keep in mind that you may plan the perfect celebration but there will always be mishaps, mistakes, or unforeseen issues. This will only make your day more memorable and make for good stories later.