Praise the lord for same-sex weddings are now approved by society and people all over the world can make their dream come true and tie the knot. You could say that planning a wedding, no matter which sex the couple is, is the same, but there are some minor differences. You can easily hire a wedding planner and get that off your chest, but not everyone has the budget for them. So, in order to plan your own same-sex wedding with easy, here are some tips!

Find the Venue

Just like with any other wedding, the first thing on the list is locking in your venue. The most important factor to consider here is the size of the venue. This will depend on the guest list and its length, but as soon as you figure out the number, start looking for the appropriate venue.

You can also do it the other way around and figure out the venue first and then decide on the guest list. The choice is yours. The only real problem when it comes to the venue and same-sex weddings is finding a secular venue that will happily bless you. Luckily, the number of such places is rising, so you shouldn’t have problems finding the right church. If you don’t want to get married in a church, then look for a good official that can get you married at your favorite venue, at the beach or even in the park. 

Finding the Right Celebrant

As mentioned, after finding the venue, you should find someone who will get you married. Marriage is a wonderful thing that brings two people together, and you need someone meaningful to get you there. Since there are so many different religions and values that comprise the sanctity marriage, you need someone who will reflect and support your ideals. That is why you can always ask a family member or a dear friend to get the permit to bless the two of you on this and have a wonderful ceremony.

However, if you want to get married before God, look for a celebrant that will support your values and ideals and take you on this journey with happiness. 

Get the Rings

Rings are a symbol of your love and that is why you should look for something that reflects you both. This should be an easy task since many jewelers are open to same-sex couples and helping them find the right wedding ring for their wedding. However, there are still some that might not support your decisions, but those can be ignored. What is more, you can easily find wedding rings online today and pick your favorite. For some more research, you can visit Jewelry Jealousy and see what’s on your plate when it comes to choosing designs, steel and whatnot. 

Brief Your Photographer

Since you’ve probably been waiting for this moment for quite some time, you want every precious memory to be captured of your special day. So, make sure to talk to your photographer about what exactly you want. This industry is large and many photographers will gladly capture every moment of your wedding, you just have to tell them exactly what you want and how you want it. So, make sure to choose a great photographer with a good eye and the one who you feel comfortable with.

It is a plus if you find a photographer who is as excited about your wedding as much as you are, so you know not a single detail will be missed. 

Dressing Time

Just like at any other wedding, both brides or grooms want to look perfect and fabulous on their special day, so make sure you have enough time for dressing. If you’re a bride who wants to wear a suit, make sure to get to the tailor as soon as possible to get every detail right. The same goes for finding the perfect gown. For all the grooms, if you have any special desires about your suit or even a dress, make sure to start well ahead so there aren’t any last-minute errors, things missing or wardrobe malfunctions. 

Write Your Own Vows

Even though traditional vows can be very romantic and beautiful, you don’t have to stick to the hetero-normative phrases in them. This is your day and you can do whatever you want, so make sure to think outside the box. Tailor your vows to fit you and your partner’s relationship, values and ideals. Take your time and leave enough room for making changes and rewrites, and simply speak from your heart. Speak honestly about what you feel about you two going on this journey together now that you finally can! As long as both of you are honest and excited, the vows will be beautiful, but if you feel like you got stuck, you can always ask a close friend for help. 

All weddings are the same and they are all emotional and beautiful. However, same-sex weddings have a special vibe to them because you’ve been waiting for this for years. There are so many emotions involved, so make sure to have enough time to plan your wedding. These are the essentials, the rest is up to you and your partner. Just make sure to have fun and enjoy, and nothing else matters.