Pederasty is a Greek word that means a relationship between a much older man and a man of a very young age. The relationship can be romantic, monetary, companionship, or romantic. What they all have in common is a dramatic age difference between the two men. It’s a Spring – Winter relationship.

History is full of such relationships.

The Greeks are well known for this relationship. It’s in their artwork, their literature, and in their mythology. Take a closer look and you will see. Even the word itself is Greek. One great example is Zeus and Ganymede, who later becomes the cupbearer of the gods. Also known as Aquarius.

Throughout history, there have been many documented cases involving Pederasty relationship. Not all are directly written; some were implied, others were part of the culture, and today it still goes on. Today we see the same as always, just with different terms.

Typically, a Pederasty consists of an Erestes, who is the older gentleman, usually with some power or influence in the community. Then you have the Eromenos, who is the young man that is being groomed or mentored to become an important part of the new society. Of course, there are other reasons for such a relationship.

Throughout history we have:

The Cabin Boy and Captain of the ship. In the days of voyages through the open seas. Women were considered a curse if she was on a ship. What did the captain do to satisfy his needs? He would have a young boy by his side at all times, especially at night. The Cabin Boy.

Plug Boys and Soldiers. A long time ago when Romans conquered the world. The Greeks fought for land or a woman. The Persians are struggling for control of areas. And many more wars throughout history little boys were part of the battalion. They would have a small plug inserted in their anus to be stretched and at the ready for the soldiers. There were no women at these battles.
Boy Toy and Sugar Daddy. It’s not a new concept at all. During Victorian times, many young women were married off to wealthy men. However, many young men were taken in by a rich man and were groomed to be a part of society. The older gentleman in exchange for the young man’s companionship and sex would teach him to talk, use cutlery, dress, and their education. When these young Boy Toys grew up to be a man, they had an education, a trust fund, and they married, and the cycle started all over again.

Gold Digger and a Mark. Hustlers, rent boys, prostitutes, etc. These young men exchange their sexual goods for monetary goods. These relationships are based on money only. They have repeat customers or temporary relationships. Usually, it’s the married; straight men are the ones that have this kind of relationships. The Down Low relationship is still pedantry

Pederasty is a not new concept. We live in a society where labels are important, part of who we are and those names are interchangeable. With so many names sometimes it’s hard to keep track.

A young man in his twenties who is smooth, lean, and still has a baby face is called a Twink. As he gets older and wiser, he then becomes a Daddy. A hairy young man is considered a cub. He later becomes an Otter. And if he gains a lot of weight, he’s a Bear. The list goes on. The interesting part is that you have Twinks that only go for Bears. Or Silver Foxes who only go for Muscle Pups.

Take a look at your relationship. Is a loving relationship where both of you are equal? Or are you also in a Pederasty relationship? During the 70s, 80s, 90s, and early this century it was the norm. Lately, it has changed quite a bit now that we can get married, and be openly gay.

Tell us your input on this subject matter.