There’s this common misconception that if you’re an effeminate gay man you are automatically a bottom. Effeminate men are bottoms and oral experts. They are the promiscuous sluts of the gay community. Everything that is considered feminine is translated as a negative to the effeminate men. Because they behave like women, talk with a gay accent, are sensitive and emotional like women . . . They bear social discrimination as if they were also the fairer sex. This is a fact, not an opinion; society still does not give women human equality. Effeminate men always date masculine gay men because they want the ‘straight’ lifestyle.

Another myth is that if you’re ‘straight’ acting, you must be going through a phase; you’re actually not gay. Does this remind you of yet another misconception? Straight men are tops and into bondage. They are considered the studs, the Bulls, the great Alpha that can control other men. This is because they are not effeminate. They’re still part of the team, the community, and society as a whole. They’re the ones that date the effeminate men.

Bisexuals are just confused and should jump the fence to one side or the other. This is unfair to anyone. The silent, invisible bisexual men have to deal with discrimination from society as a whole. Straight men and masculine gay men treat them as straight and masculine. Women don’t mind that he’s bisexual. As long as he’s not straight and on the down low, (it confuses me too). Effeminate men are not always attracted to them because they like women.

It seems that simplifying it down to the bare essentials I can get my point across. Alpha males and Beta males are the two original thinking of evolution with all animals. We are mammals. Therefore, we are animals. We just happen to have self-awareness, consciousness, and intelligence — and are very emotional. Very sensitive when it comes to sex. Even more emotional and confused when it comes to Gay Sex. What? Confused? No way.

Alpha males — whether their straight, gay, bisexual, or transgender–are for the most part very masculine in their thinking. They behave like any animal in the kingdom would behave. Strong, assertive, in charge, and knows what he wants. The beta males bow their heads and follow. The females can’t wait to have his children. They fight each other to gain the Alpha males offspring to procreate and have strong children.

Beta males are the ones that follow the alpha males. These men are not as strong, or assertive. Some who are the lesser males tend to follow and want to be more like them. Some of the more effeminate with their emotions want them to be mates. It happens all the time in nature. We have the Alpha male having coitus with a Beta male. Same goes for humans.

It’s not a matter of perception or behavior; it’s a question of DNA. It doesn’t matter how we were brought up; we will be who we will become. It’s not a question of nature vs. nurture. Sexual preference has to do with what gives us pleasure.

What’s your opinion on this subject? Do you agree or not agree? What’s your story? Share your thoughts.