For anyone who doesn’t know, I absolutely adore Andrew Christian underwear, clothing, and accessories. As a whole, I think it is a very cool brand and the overall “face” of sexy gay menswear, especially underwear. So obviously I was thrilled when they gave me the opportunity to try out some of their products for free and review them.

For those of you who don’t know, Andrew Christian is a fashion designer who makes garments specifically branded for gay men. They’re famous for their gorgeous “trophy boy” models and almost pornographic advertising videos (though no one is complaining about them). They make gym wear, crop tops, tank tops, shorts, pants, underwear, swimwear, hats, and other accessories. The clothes they make are also known for being…well, tight and skimpy. They are one of the first companies that made an “anatomically correct enhancing pouch” for men’s underwear, what they call “show-it technology.” Overall their underwear (what I’ll be focusing on in this article) are brightly-colored, very tight, rather enhancing, and super sexy. Some guys claim that aren’t comfortable or fit for wearing all day, but they just take some getting used to…and trust me, they’re worth it.

So here are my reviews of the four pairs they sent me:

1. Air Jock with Show-it (in navy blue)–these are a really cool pair of underwear. They’re made out of mesh, which is very breathable, comfortable, and wearable. I also love the sexy sportiness of them. They also get more points for being a jockstrap, because that makes them more sexy and fun. These do have “show it technology” which is this pouch that acts like a push-up bra; this can be uncomfortable at first, but you’ll get used to it, and it certainly creates a sexier profile.

2. Almost Naked Dare Thong (in red/yellow)–these were a lot to handle, even for me. Personally, I was not a fan. When I opened them I actually thought they were an eye patch and spent about ten minutes figuring out how to get them on. They are the definition of skimpy. It is a very very small pouch with literally string-width fabric holding it up. I’m not a fan of thongs in general and found this one to be uncomfortable. It was also so tiny, tight, and confusing that I didn’t even find it sexy.

33. Almost Naked Boxer Brief with Show-it (in blue)–These are an awesome, everyday wear pair of undies, but sexier. They are tight but holding everything just right. They’re comfortable, made from an awesome fabric blend, and look great. I love these and could wear them non-stop. They have the hidden enhancing pouch, so they make everything look nicer, as well. These are the least revealing of the 4 but are still sexy and fun.

44. Trophy Boy Brief (in yellow)–these are basically the perfect brief. They’re a bright fun color and are nice and tight in all the right places. These are part of the “trophy boy” line, which means that they don’t have the enhancing cup, but instead have a little “extra room” in the pouch—which just translates to them being slightly more comfortable and easier to wear for extended periods. These briefs are basically my ideal underwear: fun colors, nice fit, sexy look.

These four pairs cover all the bases (without actually covering much skin): jocks, thongs, trunks, and briefs; Andrew Christian has an extremely large variety, so there is definitively something for everyone. The Air Jock was my favorite pair because it was so unique and sexy, but the Trophy Boy brief was perfect for everyday wear. So go check out the site, and find your perfect pair!