The moment we hit our 20’s, we all fall for one glittery dream that occupies our eyes. And that dream is meeting and marrying ‘the man/woman’ of your life (oh well, besides becoming Bill Gates, or hitting the jackpot!). And the day we say ‘I do’ is one of the most memorable days of our lives. But shouldn’t we make our most cherished day different from others? I mean, come on, everyone gets married, says ‘I do’, and walks down the aisle – and you also have to do it. But shouldn’t your marriage be different from others, a more personalized one?

Whether you want to sprinkle your childhood memories, show heartfelt memories of dating period, or bring family gala on the floor, incorporating these themes in small details will make your big day even more memorable.

Feeling motivated? We are here to help!

Besides personalizing cake and centerpieces, below are some other inspirational tips to help your wedding transform into an affair all about you and your partner:

Depict Your Love Through Wedding Bands

Wedding bands are a must for a wedding. But no matter how lavishing your bands are, they can’t beat the charisma of a band that is customized to depict the love for each other. You can choose mens platinum wedding bands at Joseph George and scribble down an inspiring quote, a heart-moving line, or love name that you have given to each other. Wouldn’t that be so amazing to wear a wedding ring that reminds you daily you are loved, cherished and cared for?

Aisle Runner isn’t Always Simple

Every bride has to walk down the aisle, and your bride will too. But getting creative with your aisle with a personalized touch will change the whole feel of the ceremony. Printing your monogram or a quote is a good idea. But it is even better if you amaze others by showing off your love story. In case, you have other plans to tell your fairy-tale story to your guests, then what about customizing your aisle according to the venue?

Be Creative with Wedding Guest Book

Along with other things, wedding books are also an important tradition of a wedding that remind us guests who attended our big day and shared happy moments with us. But as the time sweeps away and our memory fades, we start forgetting the faces of our guests if they aren’t in touch. So, isn’t it great to set up a photo booth and ask guests to paste their pictures along with their kind words in the guest book? That will customize your memory book in a unique way along with saving your wedding memories.

Plugin Some Party Favors

It is good to see off your guests by handing over some party favors, like a pack of candies, homemade soap, perfumes, or cupcakes. But it will be even more fun if the packing of these party favors has your wedding monogram, or a sweet thank you note. And why not? We are talking here about being all personalized, so take it down till the end!