Nestled into the heart of Chelsea, Ingo’s Cocktail Garden is a dog-friendly, relaxing space to chill with friends over cocktails.

With an inventive menu inspired by the life of Ingo Swann, the golden era’s foremost psychic. Sample the Stargate or, my personal favorite, the Remote View.

While Ingo’s is rightfully known for it’s delicious (and strong) cocktails, the setting is worth noticing. With a lush, luxe garden-like setting this should be your go to spot—certainly it is not just another hotel bar even though it admirably serves the High Line Hotel.

Boasting blazing fast free public WiFi, you needn’t limit Ingo’s to the after work rotation. Post up for a few hours in the afternoon with your laptop, some delicious libations, and take advantage of the WiFi that will make you wish your at-home Time Warner account was as good.

They live up to the quirkiness inspired by Ingo Swann with some seasonal drinks such as the Party Fowl with collectible, take-home mug.