There’s this planet named Mars. That’s where all the straight men come from. The virility of fatherhood. The strength of a warrior. The behavior of a child. The need for a wife to be his mother and take care of him.

Then there’s this planet named Venus. That’s where all the females come from. Notice I didn’t say, straight females? As a norm, if a woman is straight, lesbian, bisexual–she is still a woman — still the property of the Martians. Still demanded to bear children. Walk barefoot in the kitchen. Gather the vegetables and the meats the Martians killed. To be protected by their baby Martians.

Ahhh. Then there’s this weird planet called Gaylandia. That’s where all the gays come from. Not sure where this is. Not even sure if it’s in our solar system. Some religious groups hate themselves for coming from there and try to pass as Martians and Venusians, hiding their homosexuality. They’re all moving to Mississippi and bringing that church with them.

Enough of clichés. Enough of ‘I am Gay.’ ‘I am Lesbian.’ ‘I am Bisexual.’ Aren’t we all just human? I agree we need a sexual identity. We all want to belong to something. Like I mentioned before; I love chocolate and hate vanilla. I should only hang out with guys who like chocolate? I should hate those who l like vanilla? Does that make any sense? So, because I eat chocolate; I should dress in pink? Should I wear my hair in a ponytail? I should tattoo my body with verses from the bible that distinctly tell me not to tattoo them, all the while hating others for doing the same? I’m so confused. What is that we’re supposed to be doing? What are we not doing wrong?

The fact that we are gay does not mean we’re bad or degenerates. It just means that we are homosexuals. We are all humans.

Once (and still today), we segregate ourselves on purpose and bitch about it. We used to be into forced segregation. Now we self-segregate on our own volition and on an ignorant basis. We want to be integrated into the world as a whole, yet we segregate ourselves by color, religious sects, sexuality, exterior adaptation, music, and countless of other characteristics.

I don’t understand how we as a human race can find so many attributes to hate ourselves and others for. We are highly judgmental. We cause harm to everyone by harming ourselves. We need to stop. We need to be the example of humility, love, compassion, and humanity.

Peace my normal peers. Never let anyone tell you that you’re not normal. They’re projecting their own feelings or lack of self-esteem.

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