Isn’t it great to be in a relationship? The butterfly feeling in the stomach when you are in love with someone is a great experience. Lifelong commitment and marriage is an obvious step when you feel like you are with ‘The person,’ you always wanted to be. Ironically, the average length of a marriage is eight years. Not only this, seven-year itch is a psychological term that suggests that happiness in a relationship declines after seven years. What goes wrong with the course of time? How can you make your marriage last forever? Let us find out together.

Don’t take your partner for granted:

The priority changes with time, and this is when the relationship suffers. Your partner and family should be the top priority, regardless of the time. Marriage gives you a feeling of being at home. It gives you a feeling of owning the person completely, and this is the biggest mistake. You’ll be with the person till eternity, but you just can’t take him/her for granted. Remember, the reason for getting married in the first place. Treasure your partner as you used to earlier and the love will stay forever.

Find a friend in your partner:

Arrested Development actress, Portia De Rossie was once asked by a journalist the secret of making her marriage work. She gushed on the question saying that she and her spouse were like best friends. They just love hanging out and being together all the time. After years of marriage, it is not the love that fades away, but the friendship. So, instead of looking for a wife or a husband in your partner, try to find a friend within your partner. Quarrel and fight like you would do with your friends, but remember to forget and forgive the very next day.

Share everything:

Sharing and caring for strengthening the relationship. Studies have proved that trouble starts arising in the marriage when the couples stop talking to each other. So, share everything that is happening in your life. Don’t hide anything from your spouse, not even the tiniest thing. A small lie can prove disastrous. Ever the problems like business deals and nuclear issue are resolved over a cup of coffee. So, talk to one another and find out solutions for things that are going wrong.

Spend some time together:

The stressful and busy work schedule is another factor that affects your personal life. So, take a break from your everyday routine and go out for dinners and date. Take your partner for a weekend outing and spend some quality time together. The moment you get a break from the tensions of life, you’ll be able to figure out the beauty of your relation.

Surprise your partner:

Add some fun and spice in your relationship. Surprise your spouse with a dinner date at home. Cook food and decorate the dining table with candles. The sexy styles of men’s underwear and female lingerie can spice up your intimacy. It’s never too late to have fun.

Problems are always short-term. We are the ones who stretch it too far. So, just trust your partner and find out solutions to the issues.