If you’re my age, vacationing is out of the question, traveling is for my rich white friends who took a break after college to “find themselves.” As a millennial, I truly believe the baby boomers just absolutely destroyed the economy, and we are left to scramble and attempt to thrive in what is now a wasteland. So when I see people my age post pics traveling I’m salty and yeah I’m a little bitter, so I decide to see ideally how a poor person (such as myself) would go about planning a vacation.

1. Have a job that allows you to take a week off. If your job doesn’t let you do that, guess what my friend? It’s not in ya budget. Ain’t no shame just buy a case of wine and relax on your two days off. Download some movies illegally have great sex with your significant other, and you’re set.

2. Don’t use any website other than the hotel’s to find or book your hotel! For example, Expedia or hotels.com all add a charge to the price they show you as opposed to going and booking straight from the hotel’s page plus use retailmenot.com to find promo codes. Everything on the internet has a promo code, even if it’s just 10%.  The app hoteltonight is good for cheap rates as well. I got a stay at a hotel in Vegas for $28 once.

3. Download and use air b&b! It is the greatest thing I have found out about since learning Pete Wentz is half Jamaican. Air b&b lets you book someone’s house or room in the city’s all across the US for waaaaay cheaper than a hotel. Plus if you have a kitchen, you’re less likely to eat out. Also might like to add I too have a promo code for this one  (www.airbnb.com/c/jennyc104).

4. Bring your own alcohol. I cannot express this enough, guys, pre-game for your life before going out there is no sense in spending 100 dollars at the bar to black out when all it cost was 9.99 for that bottle of Amsterdam and maybe two gin and tonics later at the bar.

5. If you’re flying or planning on flying, check out airfare watchdog, they have insane deals that they find for you on both last minute and future flights. Or once again look for the prices and booking info straight from the airline’s website, they always give you the price raw no additives.

6. Consider active options. Hiking or camping can be a great way to recharge and relax. Just make sure you have the appropriate gear to get the best out of your trip.

7. Plan ahead! Planning and booking tours or activities saves you a lot of money and time. A lot of attractions offer tickets for lower prices if you buy or book with at least a week before the scheduled visit.