So you’re the best man or best friend tasked with planning a gay bachelor party? Oh, boy, where do you start! If you’re not part of the LGBTQ community, you might be in even bigger trouble. Are these bachelor parties different from straight ones? The answer is yes and now. For sure, there will be no girl strippers, so there’s one difference for you. 

If you’re scared you’re going to mess up everything and piss off your grooms, here’s a little guide to queer bachelor parties: 

Ask the groom about the basics

Before you start booking flights and organizing events, ask your friend who’s getting hitched what they expect from this party. It’s your job to give the groom what he wants—it’s not about you. If he’s indecisive, help him by asking questions like Do you want to stay local or go somewhere? Do you want to do something special during the trip? Who do you want to invite? 

Once you get these basics, you can start to fill in the gaps with your own ideas and knowledge that you have of the groom’s personality. 

Compile the guest list

Are both grooms invited to a gay bachelor party? That’s a million-dollar question you need to solve. The answer depends on the couple, but probably not. Inviting the future husband will make the party problematic, and your buddy might want a chance to hang out with his closest friends without having to mix the partner’s crew in as well. 

Make sure to also have a clear idea about the people in the groom’s inner circle he wants to see at his party. There’s a big chance that you will have to mix men and women—about 10% of same-sex couples have a mixed-gender wedding party. 

Consider the best destination

If you’re planning a weekend-long ordeal, you might want to travel somewhere fun. While Vegas is the logical choice for many Americans, Sydney is an up-and-coming bachelor party designation thanks to its many beaches, tons of things to do and see and friendly and open-minded people. So, feel free to hire a venue in Western Sydney and your groom will be thrilled with the idea. Thanks to the size of the venue, you can invite a band, hire exquisite caterers and even see whether you can sneak in male strippers. Outside your fabulous venue, Sydney will provide you with activities made for everyone. 

Choose a few activities

Bachelor parties have a bad reputation thanks to all those Hollywood movies, but the reality is that most of them, gay or straight, are quite fun in a more innocent way. Make sure to choose from gay bachelor party ideas that the groom finds interesting yet doesn’t make anyone too uncomfortable. 

If you choose a Sydney destination bachelor party, sporty guys will love activities like golfing, diving and hitting the beach. If he’s more of a traditional gay who’s into theatre, an opera performance at Sydney Opera House will blow his mind. Party dudes will love Sydney’s nightlife where they can satisfy all their party instincts. 

Don’t forget to plan a post-bachelor party brunch

It’s a huge stereotype that gays love brunch, but it’s sort of true. So make sure to plan a fun brunch outing for the party after you’ve slept and sobered up. Drag brunches are always a hoot, but you can choose something more relaxing like a beach brunch or seafood galore brunch. This will mark the end of your trip and allow you to relive all your adventures from the night before. 

Being a part of a gay bachelor party is a special privilege, especially if you’re the one being honored with a task to throw an unforgettable weekend or night for the groom. Don’t be scared of the responsibility. If you follow these tips, you’ll organize something special both grooms will remember for the rest of their lives.