Things I Hate is the hilarious new web series from New York City-based writer and comedian Molly Anne Coogan (one of the creators of the viral sensation Nickelblock).

Each episode highlights a particular gripe of Molly’s; the first two episodes in the series “Lady Grooming” and “Weed” debuted online last week.

From lethal salon waxing to ‘cleaning up’ in the restroom, Things I Hate will have you both laughing out loud and grimacing in gleeful pain as you watch Molly attempt to hurdle her hates.

Here are five things you’ll love about Things I Hate that will get you hitting that subscribe button on YouTube.

Making the Unpalatable (Slightly More But Still Not Entirely) Palatable

From waxing hell to no-go pooping spots, Things I Hate allows us to live (or relive) moments vicariously through Coogan that most of us would rather take a pass on. The glorious thing is, despite the WTF/ARGH factor you don’t want to turn away!

Molly Anne Coogan

Molly Anne Coogan, playing herself, as the series protagonist is reason alone to love Things I Hate. Coogan’s character is a hilarious cocktail of awkwardness and chipper, as she navigates a ‘fuzzy baby’ (so we don’t have to) and pulls a range of facial expressions of which would make Charlie Chaplin proud. Molly has shared her hatred of waxing and weed thus far – where next? We want to find out.

Wise (Wo)men

Joining Coogan in the first two episodes is an equally funny and stellar supporting cast. Two of the standout characters to look out for are the memorable and severe Polish salon waxer played by Zuzanna Szadkowski (Gossip Girl and Girls) and Wade, the philosophical stoner/weed-farmer, played by Chris Bannow. Both characters offer up sage like no other. A particular gem of a scene is when Szadkowski espouses in the salon that there is “no Google maps for vagina.”

Zuzanna Szadkowski

Zuzanna Szadkowski

Meeting the Family

The dreaded/nerve-wracking moment when you finally meet your significant other’s family is something that many of us will go through at some point during our lives. Things I Hate substitutes ‘meet the parents’ with hanging out with the post-frat Bropack. Time to bond becomes time for a bong. More of them, please.

(L-R) Michael Daily and Dylan Dawson

(L-R) Michael Daily and Dylan Dawson

That Sink Scene

If you have already watched episode 2 of Things I Hate before reading this article then you will know EXACTLY what ‘That Sink Scene’ is. For those of you who have not… BE WARNED that this scene could change the way you approach both recreational drug use and friends’ restrooms. It cannot be unseen (see it). A classic.

The first couple episodes of Things I Hate make one both squeamish while bursting with laughter – a joyous affair. Two further episodes are in pre-production with Coogan and the crew’s crowdfunding here. This viewer is eagerly looking forward to furthering hateful installments.