If you’re looking for a way to test your relationship, just try to build a house with your partner! All jokes aside, this is quite a complicated process that requires a lot of research, dedication, time, money and nerve. And add the fact that you’re gay on top of that (it complicates things when it comes to financing and ownership), you can really have a hard time. 

Unless you and your partner are not on the same page, you’re guaranteed to make the already hard task that’s building a house even harder. However, here’s a little guide that might make things a little easier for you and your LGBTQ partner. Here are a few things to consider when building a house together for smooth and satisfying results. 

Look into financing and legalities

Today, houses and land are super expensive, so if you’re looking to buy an old house that needs to be refurbished completely or you’re willing to start from scratch, you need a lot of money. And not everyone is happy to loan to gay couples. According to statistics, there’s still inequality when it comes to LGBTQ homeownership, so if you’re located in a state or country that doesn’t recognize gay marriage, make sure to get a lawyer and consult with them about your rights. When you get a loan, make sure to discuss different approaches to jointly owning property. 

Consider the location

When it comes to building a house (no matter if you’re doing it from scratch or if you’re doing a rebuild) the location is the key, especially for LGBTQ couples who might not enjoy the same safety and freedom everywhere in the world. Before you settle on a location, check certain apps like Trulia or OKCupid that offer “neighborhood pride scores” to see whether a certain neighborhood is gay friendly or not. 

Hire the right contractors

It’s more than possible to build a house on your own, but it’s much easier, faster and safer to hire contractors. Look for reliable people through recommendations and online forums and you’ll get to save a lot of nerve, money and time. Preferably, you can find LGBTQ-friendly contractors, but if not, that’s okay, because most legit companies are nothing but professional, especially if you live in big liberal communities like New York, London or Sydney. It’s quite easy to find excellent and friendly level 2 electricians in Eastern Suburbs in Sydney, so feel free to contact them for all your electrical work. If you choose the right electricians and other contractors from the start, you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble in the future. 

Decide between designers and DIY

When your contractors leave and you’re left with an empty space, you might start contemplating how to make it livable and attractive. There are two possible paths to take here—hire an interior designer or take the DIY route. If you want to have a balanced and modern space, then hiring professionals to handle your interior is the best idea, but if you want to show off your personalities and make your home truly your own, then you should take a DIY route. This decision also depends on your budgeting, because it’s usually cheaper to do things yourself. Most people expect you to be naturally talented at design just because you’re gay, but don’t succumb to that pressure if you don’t want to. 

Stay flexible

You and your partner might have an exact vision of what you want your home to look like, but oftentimes, that vision is not possible. Along the way, you’ll come across various issues, obstacles and constraints that will prevent you from building your dream house. But if you’re flexible, equipped with backup plans and armed with patience, you will succeed in creating your perfect house. 

Your house will be your safe gay haven, so make sure to consider all those tips above and tackle your building carefully. In no time, you’ll be living your happily ever after gay fairytale!