This past year has been anything but Zen, right? We’ve all felt the burnout from work, the stress in our personal and family bonds amplified by the pandemic, and not to mention our own internal turmoil. Knowing that stress cannot take care of itself, any gay man can take charge of his routine and take his self-care to a new level to boost relaxation. We’ve taken a closer look at our community and the trends that are reshaping how we deal with stress, so that you, too, can find your ideal solution. Here are a few handpicked stress-busting options for every gay man out there, to boost the quality of your life and take better care of yourself!

The growing and justified yoga craze

Instead of rushing to the gym to hit the weight room or run in a crowded park, yoga is a safe haven for stressed guys who need to take a deep breath, but still get a good workout in. The wonderful thing about yoga is that it pushes your body and mind to be more flexible, but also to increase your strength and endurance. Yoga combines powerful breathing exercises with creative and demanding asanas and movements that will keep you fit and strong, but ultimately give you a perfect way to unwind.

CBD oils and lubes are all the rage

Sex is by far one of the most exhilarating and destressing choices at our disposal, and its calming effects can be further increased with the help of CBD-infused lube that gives your intimate moments a perfect touch of relaxation. It makes sex far more comfortable and enjoyable, allowing you to completely immerse yourself in the experience and connect with your partner even more. Other CBD products such as edibles and oils can be of help generally in your life, too, so that you can avoid the THC-caused psychedelic effects and instead merely rely on the soothing CBD.

Vaping with your health in mind

Many smokers know that this is one of the worst, self-destructive habits you can possibly have, since cigarettes and the nicotine in them aren’t just addictive – they wreak havoc on your health and longevity. What’s more, you might feel a certain sense of bliss from that first puff, but it’s merely a temporary escape. As a way to curb their smoking and turn to healthier options, many men are relying on Puff Bar alternative vaping pens that aren’t based on tobacco and that still provide a delightful, flavorful experience. Vaping can be a great way to destress on your own terms, create that perfect Zen-like moment of peace while reading a good book or watching the sunset. After all, it’s the little things in life that bring us the most joy!

The timeless tradition of spa retreats

Remind yourself: you deserve a break. From all the hard work, all the stress and fast-paced chaos, from all the expectations and the fear the pandemic has caused us all to feel. You deserve to have a few days to yourself, and ideally, you can let professionals take care of your body, your skin, and your mind. What better way to spend your weekend than at the Harrison Hot Springs Resort and Spa to rejuvenate your complexion, but also to get away from it all? Resorts and healing spa treatments work wonders for the modern man, especially when you’ve been neglecting yourself and putting everyone else first.

Turn to Ayurveda for an all-time Zen

The ancient practice of Ayurveda recognizes specific types of stress, but also very unique and time-tested ideas on how to heal from the overwhelming impact of stress, anxiety, and ever-present tension in your life. First use this guide to determine what kind of imbalance you’re experiencing and the appropriate Ayurvedic treatments, such as guided meditation, breathing exercises, turning to specific foods, etc. You can even turn to herb-infused soaks and baths that will relax your muscles, help you sleep better, and wake up feeling regenerated. Refining your diet with Ayurveda in mind will also support long-term health, and help you prevent stress instead of constantly being one step behind. There’s no one-size-fits all for a stress-busting plan. That’s why your health depends on your creativity and your open-mindedness in trying new things to replace old, bad habits and build up your sense of wellbeing one day at a time. Give these gay-perfect tips a go in your own routine and see what they can do for your everyday wellbeing!