Everyone’s favorite drag girl trio, Willam Belli, Courtney Act, and Alaska Thunderfuck 5000, together combined as the almighty and legendary AAA Girls, are currently on an American tour and hopefully coming to a city near you. Willam, Courtney, and Alaska are three of the most memorable queens to come from RuPaul’s Drag Race, and when combined they are full of hilarious antics, impressive vocals, and some stunning outfits. If you aren’t in the loop, the group was created for an advertising campaign at the now-defunct American Apparel. But now they are a fierce girl group touring the country and singing songs from their new album “Access All Areas.”

Always charmingly egocentric and on-brand, their show features three gigantic, sequins covered A’s that they variously climb on, grind up against, spin, and mount. What made this show so enjoyable and unique was in fact how self-aware they were about the drag show genre. At one point Alaska did a curtain speech about how at every drag show someone comes onstage and takes a pointless audience poll while the star changes into a new dress and fix her tights, and did this while Courtney was doing just that. Continuing the hilarious meta-commentary was a number entitled “Meet and Greet” in which they had a live meet and greet onstage during the song.

Other great new songs from their album include “Dear Uber Driver,” “A Lacefront Like This,” “Till the Water Runs Clean,” “Pride or Die,” “Tuck Tape,” and their hit single “AAA.” But this was no simple, boring park-and-bark show. Each number had fabulously coordinated outfits, funny adlibs, and some fierce choreography. Those girls were werking it, and all their hard work is worth it because they put on an amazing show.

In addition to doing all the songs on their album (which can be purchased on iTunes or listened to on Spotify or YouTube), each queen did a solo number. Willam did a “werking” mashup while riding a hoverboard, Courtney sang a Sia medley and showed off her killer vocals, and Alaska demonstrated her Spanish ability by performing an original adaptation of “Despactio” titled “Valentina” (a comedic tribute to the polarizing queen from season 9).

My advice: go to aaagirls.net, find the nearest city to you, and buy tickets right now. This is without a doubt the best drag show you will ever see. They’ve got wig reveals, never-ending outfit changes, Beyonce fans, large set pieces, great vocals, hilarious new songs, and some killer choreo. Stop sitting on the couch waiting from Season 10 and All Stars 3 and see the AAA Girls, okur?