Now is the time for creating the New Year’s resolutions. Well, you do have at least one more month before you actually start (not) completing them, but this is definitely the right time to reflect on your previous year and see what aspects of your life you have to work on in 2020. However, all of us tend to make the shallowest resolutions we can – we want to change something about our physical appearance, we promise ourselves we will go to the gym often and eat healthier, we promise ourselves that we will travel more. But nobody actually makes any resolutions regarding mental health, while this might be one of the most important aspects to think about, especially if you are queer or gay as the pressure of the community is only stronger and stronger. Take a look at the 5 most important New Year’s resolutions that are connected to mental health and how to implement them:

1. Do not ask for permission to be happy

This might be quite a challenging resolution, and it is definitely one of those that are easier said than done. However, if you sit down and think about it, you really do not need anyone’s permission to be happy. And this resolution might be quite a wide one as it covers plenty of different topics, such as being free to love whoever you want, to dress however you want and to behave in any way that you want as long as it doesn’t affect anyone else. Do not let anybody tell you how you are supposed to behave, where you are supposed to go, and what things you are supposed to love. Find the things that make you happy, and go for them. After all, this is the ultimate goal of life – to live it in the way you want to. Promise yourself that you are going to be more open to your own wishes the following year and that you will listen to yourself more often.

2. Opt for alternative medicine

One of the most important things when it comes to mental health is our ability to let go of stress. Constant negativity, stress and pressure that we’re under (especially in our working lives) can really take its toll on our mental health, and in some extreme cases, physical as well. So we need to take into consideration all of the possible alternative options that will make us relaxed and put in a better mood. If we put the fact that we’re queer into the mix, and the fact that we are sometimes discriminated against, our mental health is even more important. Turning to products that are completely natural and whose goal is to keep us a bit more relaxed is one of the options to handle this. This is why buying kratom wholesale is a great idea not only because it will help us deal with certain issues, but also because we get to save some money in finding it and buying it only when we need it. There are also other things you might have in mind, such as different plant-based superfoods that will boost your mood for a short period of time and energize you. Also, recent research showed that psilocybin magic mushrooms microdosing can be beneficial in treating various mental and physical issues, so who knows where science will lead us when it comes to  alternative medicine.

3. Organize and visualize your life

The mind is a tricky little bastard, and one way to make it healthier and happier is to give it what it needs – in this case, a visualization of your life just how you want it to be. It is very important to be realistic here, so do not imagine yourself living in a fancy villa and having a sexy gardener, but rather focus on things that are somewhat realistic and imagine yourself living that life that you want. This will help your mind relax, but it will also serve you as motivation to actually get things done in order to have what you want.

4. Beware of social media

Social media might be one of the biggest culprits for poor mental health nowadays, as it seems that the pressure of being popular and omnipresent there is really high. This is a very common occurring, especially in the circles of gay and queer people where it really does matter where you are, how you look and who you hang out with. So, one of the best resolutions that you can make in order to keep your mental health intact is to curate your social media in a better way. Do not spend a lot of time on Instagram, and try to filter the profiles that you follow and that follow you. Expose yourself only to people you are comfortable around, and do not let any profile, no matter what social media platform it is on, give you a hard time or make you think less of yourself. Social networks tend to do that, so beware.

5. Dance more

Finally, even though this might sound random, dance more. Yes, dance throughout 2020 and let the happy dance that you perform take you through the difficult days. Dancing while listening to upbeat music can do wonders for your brain and your overall mood, so give yourself a goal that you will dance every morning while you are getting ready for work. Try it for some time, and you will see the difference not only in your mood, but your performance on different levels, as well.


There will be difficult days, and there will be good days. But try to listen to yourself and just try to incorporate these 5 resolutions for 2020, and you will see that the good days will outnumber the bad ones. That is, after all, your main goal, and your main resolution.