Weddings are both exciting and stressful, both for the couple and their bridal team. Couples usually can’t plan everything alone, and that’s where the input of the bridesmaids comes in handy. As a bridesmaid, you’ve been given the honor of sharing the load of planning the wedding. 

You hence want to be as resourceful as possible. LGBT weddings are a lot of fun. However, they follow a slightly different set of rules. You’re probably looking for guidance on how to be the best bridesmaid in an LGBT wedding.

Here are five essential tips to keep in mind for this great event.

Avoid Offering Commentary Unless Asked

The couple getting married is most likely stressed up as they try to make a few crucial decisions. This is where you need to keep your thoughts to yourself unless asked. For example, avoid giving your personal opinion on their choice of outfit, especially if it’s something you wouldn’t wear.

You might not necessarily understand their choice of outfit, but don’t say anything that might throw them into a fit. If you’re a straight bridesmaid, you might not understand the culture of the LGBT community and what influences their choices. If you’re asked for an opinion, answer truthfully, but remember to be kind. 

Let the Couple Have an Upper Hand on Your Outfit

At an LGBT wedding, you’ll most likely be wearing a dress or a suit as the bridesmaid. Keep in mind that gender identity is a big deal in such an event. The couple will leave you to choose between the two outfits as they want you to feel comfortable.

However, ensure you discuss your choices with them and that they agree. If you chose to be in a dress, check out some beautiful bridesmaid dresses from Azazie

The same also goes for your makeup. The best option would be to go for a natural look. If you decide to have some makeup on, stock up your own items. 

Invest in a nice brow pencil, mascara, and lipstick. Paint your face without the involvement of a makeup artist. This is more than enough to give your face a fresh and glamorous look. 

Ensure the couple gets to see the kind of look you intend to rock and that they approve of it. 

Have an Emergency Kit with You

As a bridesmaid, it’s your role to keep an eye on everything and take action for anything not going right. You should be prepared to help in an emergency. The best way to do this is to have an emergency kit ready. 

Ensure it has some wet wipes, needle, thread, duct tape, band-aids, painkillers, and blotting paper. You may also include some makeup for touching up. Should one of the brides rip her outfit or get a paper cut, you’ll be able to fix the situation really fast. 

Staying calm in the face of an emergency is one of the best things you can do for the whole team.

Be Punctual

Being punctual is not just applicable on the wedding day. Have the brides delegated the task of meeting up with service providers to you? This is your opportunity to prove your time consciousness. 

The couple expects you to provide them with feedback promptly. You can’t do this if you’re always late for meetings.

The same also goes for the rehearsal day and the ceremony itself. Lateness is out of the question for anything wedding-related. You don’t want everyone in the room to hate your guts. 

The brides will appreciate even the simplest punctuality and competence more than anything else. Everyone is already tired and stressed. Having to wait for someone who can’t manage their time can make matters worse. 

Bring Some Positive Energy

The brides are probably nervous as they know they’re the center of attention. They may not admit it, but they could do with some positive personality who can lift the atmosphere. Be excited for them and help cheer up the guests.

The guests are probably a mixture of LGBT and non-LGBT. Volunteer to chat with the non-LGBT guests to help feel at ease while answering any questions they might have. The aim here is to show them that this is a wedding, just like any other.

Final Thoughts

It’s such an honor to be given the position of a bridesmaid at a wedding. Whether a straight or an LGBT wedding, you need to be at your best. The aim is not to outshine the couple, but to be their pillar of support. 

The roles of a bridesmaid are diverse depending on what the bride delegates to them. However, she can strive to be the most outstanding among the bridal team. Cooperation, preparedness, and punctuality are attributes the couple would like to see in a bridesmaid. 

Ensure that you consult with the brides on everything if you’re not very familiar with the LGBT culture. Overall, be a source of positive inspiration and encouragement all through the preparations and ceremony.