Hey yall, it’s June – Pride month and we couldn’t be more excited about that. This June is a bit different though, mostly because it celebrates the 50th Stonewall anniversary, which means that all gay things are going to be even gayer and much more important. Now, NYC is perhaps the place you want to be for the Pride Month, and if that’s the case, then you probably need some tips on what to see while there and how to spend your days when you’re not on the actual Pride. Being a tourist in NYC is always challenging, mostly because there are so many different things that one should see, but let’s keep it LGBTQ this time and celebrate. So, the 5 top things that you should do are:

1. Stonewall exhibitions

It would be completely bollocks to be a member of the 2019 NYC Pride and not familiarize yourself a bit more with Stonewall. This summer’s 50th anniversary of the uprising is going to be even bigger, with several different exhibitions commemorating it. The largest of them is the “Art After Stonewall, 1969-1989” and the Leslie-Lohman Museum in Soho. Basically, these are the two things that you should definitely check out as they are super important for gay culture, and they can be quite interesting.

2. Experience NYC at its best

However, you don’t only have to visit the LGBTQ sights, as you simply have to experience NYC in all the best ways. This is a special month, so make sure that you include originality in your sightseeing. For example, opting for a helicopter tour of NYC will most certainly make this trip the best one yet, and you will also get to see this amazing city from a bird’s perspective. Once you do that, don’t forget to see the classics – the Statue of Liberty and Central Park. These might sound like a cliché, but they are definitely must-visit spots, especially if this is your first time in New York City.

3. Go see “Rocketman”

The New York cinemas are always quite popular and interesting, so it would be a shame to stay here and not see a good movie in one of its biggest cinemas. However, since we are trying to be LGBTQ this June, there is a movie you could watch and thus kill two birds with one stone. We’re talking about “Rocketman” the biopic portraying and celebrating the life of one of the most flamboyant and important gay people ever – Elton John. The great acting skills of Taron Egerton (and also his super pretty face) will make you fall in love with the movie, and with the music of Elton John as well. Definitely a must see.

4. Hit a gay club

This goes beyond saying – you simply have to visit one of NYC’s numerous gay clubs or pubs. Depending on your style of music and such, you can choose among a plethora of different clubs, bars and pubs. If you are for some theatre experience, you definitely need to check Don’t Tell Mama, which has a piano bar and hosts different cabaret shows that you will all love (especially Liza Minelli fans). On the other hand, you can also hit Lips NYC if you’re for some amazing drag shows, or simply go to Elmo – a very fashionable bar with amazing comfort food and great drink list.

5. Hop On Hop Out! Pride Edition

Do you know how difficult it is to get around everything worth seeing while at a new city? If you do know, then you probably know about the Hop On Hop Off buses that will take you to all the important places of a given city. Now, June is a bit different in this aspect as well due to the fact that NYC will be home to the Hop On Hop OUT! Pride edition. Anita Buffem will host a two-hour bus tour that will highlight the whole gay history of New York City. It will also feature a licensed New York City tour guide and will give you different facts. This is for everyone who wants receipts!


Apart from these 5 things, there are so, so many more amazing experiences that you can go with once in New York City. The most important thing is to have fun and celebrate – pay respects to some of the most important LGBTQ legends, see everything that you have wanted for a long time, and enjoy.