There are literally more than a few benefits of dating a married man. Granted every man are different and their needs are complex. They have their own reason for sleeping with gay men or hopefully be faithful to only one gay lover. Some married men are assholes and just want to sleep around without caring which sex. The wife stays at home and takes care of the kids. Old mentality still in effect today.

So on to the 3 Benefits of dating a married man.

Benefit #1 – Housebroken

The man is already housebroken. His wife made sure of that. When he’s at your house, you can count that he’s trained. He knows what to say and what to do. He leaves the toilet seat down. Which you tell him that he doesn’t have to do it at your house. What a great freedom that you’re giving him. Two guys in one house and the toilet seat is up. He loves you more for that simple little thing. After you cook him dinner, he’ll clean up or he’ll cook and clean up.

Benefit #2 – Great Se

The poor guy is married to a woman. Need I say more. With you, he doesn’t have to bargain for sex. You give it willingly and so does he. If you’re in the mood so is he. If he’s in the mood, you’re more than accommodating. In bed, he does with you as he will. There’s no holding him back. He gets to do with you what he doesn’t get at home. He stays with you because he doesn’t get it at home. The best part is that the time you spend separated is made up in bed. You have sex once or twice a week, and it’s hot, passionate, no holds the bar. You get to sweat, taste his sweat, he glorifies you, gives you the attention he wants in return. It’s hot.

Benefit #3 – Separate Lives

You have your own life. You have an apartment, a good job, social interactions with everyone. You don’t have to worry about where he is with, who he’s with, or why he’s not calling you every ten seconds. You have the freedom to not have to be called on the phone constantly. You can leave and come back home at whatever time you feel like. You don’t have to ask for permission to do what you want to do. You’re free to do as you wish and still be comfortable that on date night you’re going to have great sex. Greater if he’s mad at his wife, which is often. Plus, you get a lot of gifts.

So if you’re dating a straight man already, you’re one of the lucky few. Selfish, albeit, but happy. Share with us your experience with your straight married man. We want to know.