Summer is at its peak everywhere in the world, except in Australia, but don’t worry, the impending heat wave of doom is slowly but surely creeping up on you too, my little gay Aussie compadre. With the rest of the world losing its collective sanity in the unbearable heat wave we call summer, and Oceania living in terror over what the next few months will have in store for them (hoping it’ll be hot enough to kill all Huntsman spiders), the need to protect and nurture your fragile complexion is of the utmost importance.

Contrary to what anyone might have told you, the sun is not your friend, at least when it comes to your skin health. Elevated temperatures paired with an ozone layer that decided to go on a prolonged vacation have made summertime quite a dangerous season, so here are the best tips and tricks to nurture and maintain healthy skin.

Sunscreen is essential, even in the shade

So, you think you’re safe just because you sat down for a refreshing mojito under a shade umbrella? Think again my friend. The sun is almost equally hot in the shade, and you need ample protection if you wish to avoid a nasty sunburn, and god forbid, subsequent health complications.

Whether you’re going out for a run, walking your dog or spending a day at the beach with friends, you should apply sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 – the minimum sunscreen strength capable of blocking harmful UV rays, according to Anne Chapas M.D. from Union Square Dermatology in Manhattan.

Refresh your skin with after-sun body butter

However, there is no guarantee that sunscreen alone will be able to protect your skin and that you won’t end up with skin damage, or even a light sunburn. That’s why you need a good after-sun body and face lotion; or crème; or spray, whatever feels best on your skin.

The after-sun lotion will rejuvenate your skin, cool you down and help soothe any sun damage. You should use it after every trip outside and don’t forget to add an extra layer in the evening to more damaged areas.

Exfoliate at least once a week

Exfoliation is not usually considered a manly activity, and the people who are against it do not only suffer from various insecurities, but their skin is most likely covered in acne and inflammations, as well. The moral of the story? Never mind the bollocks, grab an exfoliation crème!

During the sweaty summer months, your skin accumulates copious amounts of dirt and toxins in its pores while retaining dead skin cells to boot, resulting in clogs, inflammation, and numerous skin problems. Fortunately, that’s nothing a weekly exfoliation regimen can’t fix, leaving your skin feeling like a baby’s behind after a nice powder.

Moisturize religiously

You lose large amounts of water during the summer, and your skin becomes dry faster than you can say “global warming isn’t real”. So, you need to moisturize religiously twice a day – the moment you wake up, and before you go to bed. Personally, I’ve found that Mukti skincare products have everything I need to keep my complexion looking and feeling healthy during the summer. A dash of hydrating moisturizer and I’m set for the day without having to worry about looking like a garden gnome after a wild night out.

Beauty comes from within

Finally, don’t forget that the majority of issues you experience with your skin on a regular basis are a reflexion of your internal health and wellbeing. More likely than not, your skin is trying to tell you that something is wrong or that you are missing a key nutrient to promote healthy bodily functions.

Make sure you are hydrating properly daily, that’s at least three liters of pure aqua a day, and don’t skimp out on quality sleep either – no matter how much fun you might have partying ‘till the morning light.


Proper skincare and skin protection are essential during the hot summer months. Be sure to follow these simple tips, and you’ll have no problems maintaining a radiant, youthful complexion all summer long while simultaneously promoting long-term health and well-being.