Sneakers have become the most alternative pair of shoes you can own. With a pair costing you upwards to 1000, it’s always good to know if the pair you’re getting is easy to wear and pair with other styles or if it’s a pair that can really only be worn with 2-3 items in your closet. I decided to scour the Internet and social media to find the best sneakers for any type of style you may have.
1. Adidas Super Stars or the Stan Smiths
These shoes are great for someone who either primarily wears darker tones or brighter articles of clothing. White goes with everything and it makes your legs look tanner. Pair these with some skinnier or narrow leg pants or jeans and cuff them up to about a finger above your ankle to really pull the entire look together as well as to look chicer. These shoes scream “I’m with the DJ” or “I’m the bottom”
2. Air Force 1 High Tops
If you’re more of a high top and “cover my ankles” or just going for rap daddy look get these. Look I know you’re thinking I can’t possibly pull these off but you actually can like I said earlier white goes with everything and these shoes are just aesthetically pleasing and make your calves look buffer. These shoes scream spit on me and while we have sex to Daddy Yankee.
3. Adidas Tubular
If you’re looking for an all black shoe generally I don’t recommend sneakers in all black because a lot of the times it’s really hard for them to look like sneakers they end up looking like a poor mans dress shoes however these shoes are so unique and futuristic looking (think alien future goth) that they are able to pull any sporty look together without looking tacky. These shoes scream “I’m from NY.”
4. Jordan 11’s
In all honesty, you can’t have a sneaker list without putting Jordan’s in there. Jordan’s scream “u my trap queen and my dad doesn’t know I’m gay” (we’ve all been there tbh). Below I have two color schemes that could not be more different vibe-wise. The first one says “I’m wearing a jock strap under these jeans” while the second one says “I wear boxers” not to say one is better than the other but it goes to show that you have two pairs of shoes same style but different color schemes and both look completely different. Jordan’s are some of the only sneakers that don’t look awful if you still wear boot cut dad jeans (and if you do please stop) however they also look great with slimmer jeans or shorts.
5. Vans Skate Highs
Vans have long been the classic go-to sneaker for so cal surfers with long blond hair that probably juice these shoes are just really flattering for any type of Jean or short you wear and they have simple color schemes that scream “Hey brah you listen to that new Weezer song” you seriously can’t mess up your outfit with either the black and white skate highs or the black and white slip-on’s.